Biden Brands Climate Change Deniers as ‘Neanderthals’ in Texas Border Speech


Biden talked about the Texas wildfires while urging Congressional Republicans to help pass meaningful border legislation.

Biden calls climate change deniers ‘Neanderthals’ during border speech

Biden started his speech about the crisis at the southern border by talking about wildfires that raged in Texas.

Biden’s remarks on Thursday, during his visit to Texas’ southern border, began by addressing the devastating wildfires in Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas. He then called those who deny climate change “Neanderthals.”

Biden, speaking in Brownsville on the Texas border, first spoke about the wildfires that have ravaged an area of Texas and wiped out more than a million acres.

Biden stated, “I have flown over many of these fires since becoming president.” “Flew over more land that was burned to the ground. “All the vegetation is gone, more than the whole state of Maryland.”

As Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas watches, President Joe Biden makes remarks during a trip to the southern border, Thursday in Brownsville.

The idea that climate change doesn’t exist. “I love that man,” he continued. “I love my Neanderthals who still believe there is no climate change.”

Biden did not mention Republicans but has previously criticized them for disputing climate change. Biden was critical of the GOP when the National Climate Assessment (which details the impacts of climate change) was released in November 2023.

“Anyone who denies climate change willfully is condemning Americans to a very hazardous future.” He said that the impacts would only get worse. They’d be more frequent, fiercer, and costlier. “None is inevitable.”

Border Patrol agents watch as President Biden makes remarks on Thursday during his visit to the southern boundary in Brownsville (Texas).

He then criticized Congress, saying that they had failed to pass bipartisan legislation on the border.

This bill was almost passed. He said that the bill was then derailed by the politics of rank and file. “The U.S. must reconsider this bill, and those Senators who are against it need to put politics aside and pass the bill on its merits.”

The majority of Republicans in both chambers supported this legislation until someone said “Don’t do it.” Biden continued, “It’ll benefit incumbents.” It’s an awful way to conduct business in America, especially for a problem of this magnitude.

Biden Visit Southern Border – President Joe Biden looks over the border with Peter Flores (right), deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Jason Owens is the Chief, of the U.S. Border Patrol and Gloria Chavez is the Sector Chief, of the U.S. Border Patrol.

He asked former President Trump to “join me” and tell Congress to pass the border security bill. Biden had earlier visited the Rio Grande, and officials from Homeland Security briefed him. Trump, meanwhile, visited the border in Eagle Pass (Texas), some 300 miles from his successor. Trump called the border crisis a “Joe Biden invasion”.