House Oversight Releases James Biden’s Deposition Transcript as Impeachment Inquiry Moves to ‘Next Phase’


James Biden stated last week that President Obama, his brother had never been involved with family businesses

Hunter Biden deposition transcript released: What does it mean for the investigation

National Review senior editors Noah Rothman, and WSJ Assistant editorial page editor James Freeman discuss the findings of the Hunter Biden Deposition Transcription

On Friday, the House Oversight Committee released the testimony of President Biden’s brother James Biden as it entered the “next phase” of its investigation into impeachment.

The transcript was obtained on Friday. James Biden stated before a committee that the president is not involved in his family’s business.

Committee Investigators found discrepancies between James Biden’s testimony and that of Hunter Biden Tony Bobulinski, and other former Biden Family Business Associates.

An assistant at the House Oversight Committee said, “James Biden’s testimony contradicts Hunter Biden’s and Tony Bobulinski’s sworn testimonies.” Hunter Biden and Tony Bobulinski both testified that Joe Biden met Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden at a California hotel.

“James Biden said that this never occurred.”

James Biden’s deposition was interrogated about an alleged meeting that occurred on May 17, 2017, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California as part of the Milken Conference.

Do you remember the meeting you had with Hunter Biden and Tony Bobulinski in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hotel? The question was asked.

“It’s my memory — that my brother never came out for any discussion. It’s possible he just came out to say hello. ”

Did someone say hello to you? An investigator asked.

“Me,” said the man.

James Biden replied: “Absolutely not,” when asked if he recalled having a meeting with Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Bobulinski at the hotel.

Are you saying that the meeting didn’t happen? The question was asked.

He responded “Yes, sir”, and his attorney added, “that he was present for”.

“I was there,” he said.

Biden’s further questioning was about whether he met his nephew and Bobulinski at the hotel bar.

He said: “That’s what I don’t know happened. ”

What were you doing at the bar with? ” He was then asked.

I could have gone with Tony Bobulinski by myself. “I also could have been there with Hunter,” said he. “But, my brother was never there. ”

Hunter Biden testified Wednesday that Bobulinski’s father and Bobulinski had met.

Hunter Biden stated, “He met with him in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. It was the Beverly Hilton, I believe. ” “My Dad’s plane arrived around 11 am… Excuse me. It’s 11 pm. We were drinking coffee at the lobby bar. ”

Hunter Biden said, “My uncle and I were the answer. ”

I believe that my uncle also stayed in that hotel. Hunter Biden replied, “I’m sure that on closer inspection, it says — but I think that he didn’t — anyway, my dad went to shake Tony’s hand. They discussed — I wasn’t sure at the time if Tony Biden’s sister or father had cancer. He invited him to speak at the Milken Conference. ”

Bobulinski also testified that the meeting took place at the hotel bar with Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Joe Biden before Joe Biden’s arrival.

Bobulinski said that Hunter Biden returned after visiting his father at the bar.

Here are some examples:

Bobulinski said that he didn’t remember the exact phrase, but the man set the tone for the meeting. The two men shook hands and sat down together. Bobulinski recalled that they had spent 45-90 minutes discussing my background. ”

Bobulinski said “Jim & Hunter did not talk much as you would expect. ”

“And we called it — it was night. They asked me to come the next morning to Joe Biden’s Moonshot Speech, where he spoke to the Milken Conference,” Bobulinski stated.

When comparing the testimony of James Biden and that of other witnesses who responded to questions during the impeachment inquiry, there appears to be a contradiction in regards to whether Joe Biden met with the chairman of Chinese Energy company CEFC.

Rob Walker is an ex-business partner of the Bidens who testified to the court that Joe Biden met Chairman Ye Jianming of CEFC at the Four Seasons Hotel Washington D.C. in 2017.

In his transcripted closed-door interview, Walker informed congressional investigators that Joe Biden attended a luncheon he, Hunter Biden, and their business partners were also present, along with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming.

According to the transcript from an interview, Walker stated, “We ate lunch.”

Walker claimed that the former Vice President was not present for the entire time. He said he spoke well, as in normal manners. Likely, he spoke most.

Walker testified that Biden spoke to approximately 10 people with CEFC ties.

Hunter Biden testified about the meeting Wednesday. He admitted that he couldn’t remember but said: “I wouldn’t question or contest Rob’s memory.” “I don’t recall the date.

James Biden stated during his testimony that he had “no knowledge” of the meeting between Joe Biden & Ye.

“This is the truth I know. ”

House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R, Ky.) stated that after hearing from Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their former business partners on Wednesday the impeachment probe against President Biden would move to its next phase. He hopes for public hearings.