Trump Labels Border a ‘War Zone,’ Criticizes Newsom for Handling Migrant Epicenter Shift


Trump praises NYC Mayor Eric Adams for ‘trying to’ combat the migrant crises

Donald Trump claims this is the “worst border in history”.

Hannity, the host of “Hannity”, is in Eagle Pass with former President Trump to discuss President Biden’s border crisis.

Former President Trump called the Mexican border under the Biden administration a “warzone”, criticizing Mexico for its lack of cooperation with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and the Democratic Governors from Border States as the migrant flows pivot towards their lands.

Sean Hannity warned that unaccounted-for migrants could plot “the next 911 or worse” while Biden met officials in Brownsville.

Trump entertained this notion by citing the thousands of migrants that have come from U.S. adversaries like Iran, China, and Russia.

He said, “We get much from Iran.” “We get a lot of help from the countries we are fighting at the moment.”

Mexico Border Finds Foreign Nationals

He emphasized his anti-terrorism credentials, citing the deaths of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Qassem Solimani as well as the fact that U.S. – Mexico is now a battlefield.

Mexico does nothing to assist us. “They’re letting these caravans pass through unhindered…something has to be accomplished,” Trump said.

He appeared to be responding to the claims of advocates that many migrants were family units seeking refuge in war-torn nations and a better future, but pointed out instead that thousands of Chinese migrants who entered the San Diego Sector “were all of the fighting age”.

Trump said that women and men are not older than this. Trump stated that the majority of migrants are between the ages of 18 and 25 [or] 26.

“I can assure you that the only positive thing is that our prisoners will look nice. “They are rough people.

Trump said that he believed migrants were treated better than veterans by the U.S. Government, saying veterans waited a very long time for medical care whereas migrants received “free treatment”.

He said, “If you enter our country illegally, you will get things.” The high incentive is what attracts people to come.

Trump compared Texas with its Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott and other border states with Democratic Governors.

Gavin Newsom, Arizona Governor. Katie Hobbs stated that Newsom did a “terrible” job as millions of migrants came in and many citizens fled.

Hobbs, Arizona, and the border were described as “problems” by some.

Trump has praised New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a prominent Democratic official. He said that Adams was “trying to do his best” in dealing with the increased crime and strains on city resources due to the migrant influx.

Sean Hannity claims Biden appeared ‘dazed’ and confused during border trip

Trump said about Adams: “He wants to work, but it’s impossible. Adams was recently rebuffed after expressing a desire to see New York City loosen its “sanctuary policies” and work more closely with ICE.

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams (D-Jamaica) immediately condemned Adams’ remarks, calling them “harmful”. The speaker said that the chamber would not change legislation as she controls it 45-6.

In his remarks made earlier on Thursday at the border, Trump claimed that Biden is responsible for violent crimes against migrants. He said, “Crooked Joe is responsible for the violent crimes committed against migrants.”