Biden Appears to Deteriorate During Meeting With Israeli President


Joe Biden and Isaac Herzog met at the White House on Tuesday to try to improve the relationship between the United States and Israel.

Unfortunately, Biden began to deteriorate rapidly during their joint presser in the Oval Office. As the press corps looked on, the US president’s head drooped down dramatically and his speaking became incoherent.

Biden claims that he has brought Israelis, Palestinians, and other nations together on a level of politics. I don’t know what he means. Since the Yom Kippur War, the relationship between Israel and Palestine has never been worse. The Biden administration, for its part, has done all it can to alienate Israelis despite the continued terrorist acts from the Palestinian Territories. Biden bringing the two sides together would be laughable.

It’s not that part of the video that everyone is talking about. After the US President made the above comment, he began to mumble while staring at his lap. While I would like to think that I have gotten better at “speaking Biden”, over the years I’ve covered his public appearances I can’t translate what is on the video.

It is alarming, to say the least. Biden is sitting next to a representative of a US ally and he cannot even make eye contact with him, let alone finish his statement. It’s like his brain needs to reboot before it can continue.

It’s not the first time either. Biden had a similar incident in 2022 when he was doing an MSNBC interview. His head dropped and he appeared entranced.

Biden’s demeanor changed at the end of the press conference with President Netanyahu. Things got weird, for lack of a more accurate description.

Biden, who is 80 years old, is no stranger to losing his train of thought or becoming fatigued. It’s a fact that Biden can’t deny, despite his claims of good health. Even if you’re in great health, it doesn’t mean that you are qualified to be president of the United States. Biden is perfect for this role, even without speculation about whether he has dementia.

It is impossible to imagine that this man will be able to run a serious reelection campaign in 2024. It’s clear that he plans to take on Donald Trump and hopes the negative partisanship will be enough to get him to the finish line. Will this work without COVID to use as an excuse for staying off the campaign trail? I’m not sure. Surely, we may suffer yet another global cataclysm just in time for him to be saved. We’ll have to wait and see.