Bandit Robs Houston Banks With Unusual Gimmick


It’s no secret that the Batman comics, TV shows, and movies have made it more difficult for criminals in general to establish themselves. For a criminal, it’s important to have an interesting gimmick. And, thankfully, one bank robber from Texas is doing his best to stand out.

The FBI reported that a man dressed as a woman walked through three Texas banks last month and gave tellers sticky notes with threatening messages demanding money. He was nicknamed the “Sticky note bandit” by the FBI.

You can’t blame the guy for trying, but man, come on! You’ll need to be more creative if you want to attract attention. Everyone seems to cross-dress these days.

I can’t stop wondering how threatening someone could make a note on a sticky. The sticky notes are not always adhered well and there isn’t much surface area. The “Sticky Note Bandit”, however, has been successful three times in varying degrees.

The FBI reports that on July 5, the man entered Houston’s Hancock Whitney Bank “dressed in a woman’s clothing, approached a teller, and handed a sticky-note threatening note demanding cash.” He got away with an unspecified amount.

The robber returned on July 11-13, wearing the same outfit. According to the FBI, “During the two last robberies, he wore black sunglasses, a medical mask in blue, a green sweater for women, black ballet flats for women, and a black purse.”

On July 11, “the teller walked away from the counter and locked themselves into the back room to ensure their safety.” The robber lingered but ultimately left without money. He tried the same trick two days later at another Wells Fargo location and left with a large amount of cash.

The FBI has an online database that contains bank robberies it hasn’t yet solved. It’s amazing that the FBI has 13 pages of unsolved holdups. I guess it’s not as urgent to go after “MAGA extremists”, pro-lifers, and Catholics as it is to solve bank heists.

Maine’s “Thirsty Bandit”. “Prior to the bank robbery the man was seen in a nearby shop grabbing something to drink from the cooler, which is the reason he has earned the nickname “Thirsty Bandit.” But New Mexico wins the prize for the most “nicknamed”, or “known” bank robberies.

New Mexico is home to the “Ski Bum Bandit” who “wore dark hooded sweaters, ski goggles and a blue surgical glove on his right hand. Dark pants and dark running shoes were also worn.” There are two Ninja-themed robbers in the state, the 2022 “Ninja Bank Robber”, and the 2023 “Ninja Blade Bandido.”

These bank robbers have made a name for themselves, even if their nicknames may not be as memorable or clever as those of the Riddler or Penguin. Although the “Sticky Note Bandit”, hasn’t been added to the database, he will be soon. He might want to head to New Mexico, where anyone can rob a banking institution.

You have to see this for yourself: