Trans Activist Goes Off on TikTok Rant About Womanhood and Periods


It’s almost like “dog bites a man” to write about radical transgender activist and their powerful supporters, especially those hell-bent on so-called trans women taking control of women’s sports. They keep doing and saying dangerous things that deserve to be called out. To me, staying silent is like tacitly approving of erasing women.

The latest example is transgender TikTok user “Blessing Rose,” whose rant about “womanhood” received a little more publicity on Monday, thanks to the Libs of TikTok account on Twitter.

Rose is seen in the video below snidely criticizing women born as women for saying they “own womanhood”. She also says that women who claim to have unique experiences (like monthly cycles and pregnancy) are exhibiting “transphobia” or “audacity”

Rose stared into the camera, telling real women who had the nerve of pointing out the inconvenient truths about womanhood to Rose.

Rose continued to say, “As a cis woman you don’t own it so you can’t keep it. Like – hello?”


What planet does this person inhabit to believe that men can understand what women go through on a physical level, such as menstrual pain, carrying a child to term, childbirth, hysterectomies, etc.?

It is also important to note that wearing lipstick, false eyelashes, and a wig doesn’t make “Rose”, an expert in women. But I digress.

Some may wonder, “Why should I be interested in what a random TikTok User has to say?” This is not an uncommon view within transgender communities. I have written about this before and will share it again here.

Laverne Cox, an actress who was born a male but who identifies as a female, went on a Twitter rant several years ago and tried justifying his position on the issue based in part on his belief that there were no experiences women go through that were unique to them (copied directly from the Twitter thread he wrote):

Gender exists on a spectrum & the binary Narrative which suggests that all trans women transition from male privilege erases a lot of experiences and isn’t intersectional. Gender Is constituted differently based on the culture we live in. There’s no universal experience of gender, of womanhood.

Cox and Rose did exactly what they said: They explained to women, who are biologically male but now identify as females, that their experiences as women were not “universally unique”. It’s possible that this is why they chose to be one.

I hope that I am not the only person who finds this argument disturbing. It is a direct threat to women’s rights.

What is the most important point to remember about this debate? We must not be silent, as these radical ideas can only flourish if people do nothing.