J.K. Rowling Fires Back: ‘Harry Potter’ Stars Criticizing Her Trans Views Can ‘Save Their Apologies’


J.K. Rowling sent a message to Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, the stars of “Harry Potter”, telling them that if they ever decide to apologize for criticizing her stance regarding trans issues, then they should “save it” for “traumatized women and de transitioners”.

The renowned author made this statement on Wednesday in response to a user who identified partially as #FarRightHooligan. The user speculated that the two stars would eventually offer Rowling a “very public apology… safe in the knowledge that you will forgive them…”

Rowling replied, “Not safe at all.”

Rowling’s relationship with Watson and Radcliffe has deteriorated due to her viral defenses for biological women, and because she is now a vocal critic of the total acceptance of transgenders on the X Platform.

Watson and Radcliffe have remained steadfast in their support of the transgender communities. Watson insisted that “trans people” are “who they say they are”, in an X-post, after Rowling became viral in 2020, for criticizing a piece mentioning “people with menstruation” and calling to use the word “women”.

Watson wrote, “I want to let my trans followers know that so many people in the world love and respect them for being who they are.”

Radcliffe showed his support, however, by writing an article for The Trevor Project, which he used to express his support for the community of transgender people. He also apologized for “the pain” Rowling’s remarks may have caused.

Rowling’s comments Wednesday followed a report by Dr. Hilary Cass. The report claimed that “remarkably weak evidence” supports gender-affirming care for minors. It also urged “extreme precaution” before giving hormones.

Sky News reported that the National Health Service of England (NHS) would “pause first appointments in adult clinics for teens under 18 and will carry out a review of its gender services for adults and their use of hormones.”

Rowling’s recent comments about transgender issues put her squarely in the crosshairs for Scotland’s controversial hate crimes law. This new law can jail someone for up to seven years for “stirring hatred” towards groups that are identifiable by certain characteristics. These include transgender identity and sexual orientation.

Social media kept a close watch to see if the Scottish Police would bring charges against Rowling. However, they declined.

The new law’s author, Humza Yousaf branded the speech as “offensive,” noting that it did not meet the “threshold for criminality.”