Biden Administration Prioritizing Vaccines for Canadian Truckers Over Remedying Supply Chain


The Biden admin recently declared that any non-residents traveling across the U.S. border must be fully vaccinated. This is the 5,500-mile border between Canada and the United States.

The Toronto Star, Canada’s biggest daily newspaper, criticized the decision and called it a nightmare. They stated that 20% of the 120,000 Canadian truckers who travel to the U.S. each annual may not have been immunized.

Stephen Laskowski stated that if all companies have their vaccination rates up at 90 percent, still leaving 12,000 drivers.

To appease powerful labor unions, protectionists ban Mexican trucking companies from operating in the United States. They can either transport them using U.S. trucks, or they bring them into the U.S. to switch to an American truck at the border.

It’s absurd to reduce transmission by exacerbating labor shortages, despite Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg accusing of a lack of child care, and President Joe Biden being more concerned with vaccination status.