Biden Aides Don’t See Kamala Harris as Joe’s Successor


Vice presidents are not the most successful at ascending to the presidency, with George H.W. the last sitting vice president to run for the presidency. Because of their recognition and previous experience working under President Bush, vice presidents can be considered the White House’s heir apparent.

Kamala Harris is not one of her worst public performances or matching poor poll numbers, with Biden aides looking for someone else to succeed him. Biden’s people now see Pete Buttigieg as their heir to the Oval Office, instead of Kamala.

Although Buttigieg claims he doesn’t think about the race to succeed Biden, some inside the West Wing are making plans for it. His name is often mentioned by his aides as a natural Democratic presidential candidate in 2028 or 2024 if the president chooses not to run. One insider said that Nobody in West Wing shuts it down. It’s very open.

Mindful staffers believe that the talk of Kamala being succeeded by Buttigieg is a racist insult and that senior staffers should stop talking about another white man taking over for Kamala.

Identity politics is the problem. Joe Biden had committed to choosing a woman of color for his vice president. He chose the one who believed the woman who had accused him of sexual misconduct, and who was essentially a racist. However, no one likes her. Although her poll numbers are lower than Joe’s, Buttigieg still earns diversity points for being gay.

Buttigieg will need to overcome the wrath from Kamala loyalists before he can claim any presidential aspirations.