Anti-Israel Protester Sobs During Arraignment After Threatening to Murder CA Mayor, City Council


A California judge on Friday arraigned an anti-Israel protester who allegedly threatened public officials with murder at a city council meeting.

Riddhi, 28, wept as she pleaded not guilty to 18 felony charges after she made comments to Bakersfield City Council members and Republican Mayor Karen Goh about not supporting a Gaza ceasefire resolution against Israel or installing metal detectors at the city hall.

Patel has been ordered to stay away from the city hall and is being held on bail of $1 million.

Patel, who was recorded during the public comments section of Wednesday’s city council meeting, declared that she hoped oppressed minority groups would guillotine members of the city government, declaring even Jesus Christ would murder them, and threatening to go to their homes and murder them.

The activist said that the members of the council did not care about oppressing Palestinians, or anyone else anywhere in the world. She later expressed her hope that the “global south” would rise and execute the council.

She said: “I remind you of the violent revolutions that people in the global South believe in, against their oppressors. I hope that one day someone brings the guillotine to kill you all mother ——“.