Biden’s Cognitive Decline Escalates: Campaign’s Latest Strategy Reveals Growing Concerns


The Biden campaign is trying desperately to fix their problem. We learned last week that Biden has changed his walking routine to hide him from the public. His handlers flank him on his way to and from Marine One to hide his “halting, stiff gait” and potential stumbles. It wasn’t his first intervention.

The White House began using shorter steps for Biden’s boarding and departure from Air Force One last year to minimize the chance of embarrassing incidents. As an added precaution, Secret Service agents were reported to be positioned near the bottom of the stairs last week. In March, Biden was caught wearing “maximum stability” sneakers–designed to help keep him from falling–instead of dress shoes.

Even these interventions are not enough. Seen in public, his appearances are still a problem. Democrats hoped Biden’s State of the Union address would reset his campaign. However, it didn’t go as planned. Donald Trump is pulling away from him again, both in battleground states and national polls.

Biden’s handlers now have a new plan to protect Biden. According to NBC News’ report, the plan was to shorten Joe Biden’s speeches.

Biden’s aides say that as President Joe Biden intensifies his reelection campaign, his campaign will also reduce the amount of information he shares on the road. This is part of a new strategy aimed at focusing his message for the general election.

Aides said that the less-is-more approach is aimed at achieving quality over quantity in terms of public appearances by the president.

TJ Ducklo told NBC News that there is a strategic advantage in this race to boil down your message into the three or four most compelling, salient arguments as to why President Biden deserves to be reelected. This will usually translate into the stump speech being reduced to its most sharp and dynamic form. You’re seeing it.

Even NBC News does not buy Ducklo’s claim that “quality over quantity” is more effective messaging.

NBC News admits that the approach appears to be a strategy aimed at reducing the possibility of Biden making mistakes in a close election. Some of Biden’s mistakes have been when he talks for a long time, deviates from the text prepared, or answers a question by NBC News when it wasn’t in the plan.

Biden’s campaign is aiming to have him speak in smaller, more intimate settings, which his aides feel will serve him better.

Biden’s advisors want him to take his efforts to improve his public image even further. Some of Biden’s advisers have argued that the president should replace his prepared campaign remarks with less scripted retail appearances and more punchy digital content in which he speaks to the camera.

Biden is the problem. He appears to be in denial of his cognitive decline and regularly deviates from his scripts in the belief that he can handle spontaneous remarks. These efforts usually have disastrous outcomes.

The public will not buy this new strategy if the liberal media does not. The bigger issue is that, if Biden’s campaign wants to limit Biden’s speaking time to avoid embarrassing gaffes or mistakes, it is unlikely that they will allow Biden to debate Trump.