Pro Hamas Supporters Vandalize a WWI Memorial and Burn an American Flag


Whatever the goal of pro-Hamas protesters in the United States, it doesn’t appear that winning hearts and minds is a priority. They seem to be intent on alienating the most people possible while calling for genocide under the banner of terrorists.

New York is the latest place to see unrest. In the last few weeks, there have been illegal encampments on college campuses and buildings being stormed. On Monday night, a large number of Hamas supporters battled with the NYPD and broke down barriers in order to rush the area surrounding the Met Gala.

There’s a certain poetic quality to that, given that the elite leftists who attend this event every year are the ones responsible for creating these monstrosities. But I still can’t ignore the fact that they do this to the war memorials as a way of making Democrats miserable.

There’s nothing that says “free Palestine”, like defacing a World War I monument and burning the American flag in its presence. These sick freaks seem to be in it just for the chaos, and not caring if their actions are effective or not. Anarchy is what’s important. The “cause”, however, changes according to the month. However, the destruction of the systems remains constant.

You can look at it in two different ways. You could be optimistic and assume that their actions are alienating Americans. This is what I certainly hope will happen. I cannot imagine that most people would see this as a positive thing. It’s clear which political party is responsible for the collapse of respect and order within society.

There’s also the pessimistic view, which states that the 2020 BLM Riots did not cost Democrats anything during the two subsequent election cycles. Americans are very distracted, and November is still quite a while away. The chaos won’t last long if things calm down on the streets and in college campuses. (Israel is likely to win this war within the next few weeks, now that Rafah has been invaded.) Democrats hope for that outcome, at least.

Bill Kristol continues to mumble about the “authoritarian right” which doesn’t even exist, while left-wing authoritarians yell their violent, crazed desires in public.

Kristol may be just naive to believe he can get away from the alligator that he feeds, but in a few short years, he will be begging Donald Trump to become president if the current trend continues. They are only doing it for laughs. They are pursuing dominance and won’t stop unless they have to.