FAA Advocates Inclusive Workforce for Individuals with Mental Health Challenges and Legal Disabilities


The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) new DEI Program is designed to assist them in hiring people with severe intellectual disabilities, mental illness, or other physical and mental conditions.

According to the FAA website, “Targeted disability is those disabilities which the Federal Government has identified that need special attention during recruitment or hiring.” The FAA website states that “Targeted Disability is those disabilities which the Federal Government has identified as needing special attention during recruitment and hiring.”

Biden’s initiative is an easy way to win the votes of the insane.

The agency has created a DEI Plan, and explains that “diversity plays a crucial role in FAA’s mission to ensure safe and efficient travel within the United States and beyond.”

Traveling with a diverse group of people does not make it “safe” or efficient. Common sense says that passengers who have “severe intellectual disability” are at greater risk.

Social media has been ablaze with the recent near-catastrophe that involved Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines flight 5th Jan. saw a Boeing 737 Max 9’s door plug blow out.

New York Post:

After the incident, social commentators and public figures have accused airlines of making flying unsafe through initiatives like diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Elon is a tech billionaire who wrote a few months ago on X, “Does your safety make sense in an aircraft that gives priority to DEI hires? That’s exactly what is happening.

Matt Walsh is a Daily Wire contributor. He published a piece of opinion entitled “The DEI rot is worse than you think” last week.

Elon believes that the FAA’s focus on DEI reduces the safety of air travel.

Ayaan says that it is obvious the damage when DEI is used alone to hire.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that two Boeing 717s collided on Sunday evening at O’Hare Airport. ”

The area in which the crash took place was not under control of air traffic. Ground staff were required to direct the planes.

It won’t be long before hiring incompetent staff is seen as “progress”.