AP Faces Scrutiny for Omitting Key Climate Donor


There are plenty of reasons to criticize the mainstream, legacy media outlets that have an obvious leftward bent to them. For example, The Associated Press has received large donations from left-wing groups, particularly those focusing their attention on climate change.

The AP insists that donors do not influence their editorial process. But that’s not enough to stop people from being concerned that climate coverage and climate issues are being influenced.

Fox News reported a year ago that the AP, among others, had stolen millions of dollars from left-wing organizations.

The “Climate Fact Check 2022”, a report presented by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Heartland Institute, and Energy & Environmental Legal Institute as well as the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and International Climate Science Coalition, stated that “climate-alarmists” and media members made claims about the link between manmade emissions, and natural disasters. These claims clashed against “reality and science.”

The Associated Press announced in February that it would assign more than 24 journalists to “climate issues”, after receiving over $8 million from different organizations.

The AP, in a recent report, has reportedly tried to minimize the visibility and contributions of some of their donors. This includes a $300,000.00 donation from a European leftwing group whose goal is to phase out fossil fuels completely. The Washington Free Beacon broke the story.

The latest foreign donor of the Associated Press wants to turn journalists into “community advocates on climate change.” The AP does not seem to be interested in publicizing this.

According to its annual report, the KR Foundation is a Danish charity that works to “rapidly phase out fossil fuels.” In December 2022 it gave $300,000 to the Associated Press. The AP claims to be committed to “the highest practicable degree” of transparency regarding its supporters. Still, according to a Washington Free Beacon website review, it added the KR Foundation only this month to its current list of philanthropic donors.

The Associated Press is the latest left-wing charity that funds the Associated Press. It claims to be read by 4 billion people every day. The Free Beacon reported that in recent years, philanthropies supporting left-wing initiatives such as packing the Supreme Court and defunding police have donated millions of dollars to AP.

The KR Foundation does not focus on true journalism or straight news. It is a foundation that wants to buy and weaponize journalism outlets to wage war against fossil fuels.

The KR Foundation views media outlets as its primary targets for pushing its climate agenda. It funds media outlets to “significantly influence” “the media narrative surrounding climate policy.” The grant, which will last until December 2024, will be used to support the Global Scholars Network of the Associated Press.

The AP claims to maintain editorial independence, but its climate reporting reflects the KR Foundation’s core beliefs. In a recent AP article about the United Nations annual climate conference, negotiators were praised for their efforts to “phase out fossil fuels” and save a “planet in peril,” which is “dangerously heating.” A recent article asked: “How have humans brought the climate to a crashing point?”

The sad thing is, the Associated Press and most other outlets don’t need wealthy donors to do the agenda-driven journalism the left craves, but money doesn’t hurt. The money is just a way to give them more resources for the agenda-driven journalism they already do. The $300,000 will cover more expenses, give more time, and allow more reporters to be hired.

The Free Beacon reported that the website AllSides changed the AP designation from “Center to “Leans Left”, because of the coverage.

The site explained that “types of media bias AllSides most often detect in AP U.S. Political News coverage include analysis presented as facts, subjective qualifying adjectives, and word choice bias. We also find bias when omitting views or omitting source attribution.” AllSides primarily assesses the content on apnews.com, although we sometimes assess its wire content as well.

In the newsroom, activism has become the norm. It’s a situation that creates a crisis in trust for the news media. This allows misinformation to occur and other negative things the media is so vocal about.

The cult of Climate Change is among the worst that the media has ever embraced. The facts are ignored to push the agenda of getting rid of fossil fuels, switching to green energy, and other things. In the name of Mother Earth, they have no problem destroying the lives of those who disagree with them. It’s nothing but a cult and is growing like a plant in many of our institutions.

Journalism is a place where it thrives. The cult of climate change is willing to spend money to promote its agenda. They want to eliminate any objective reporting to further their agenda.