Protesters Bring Cities to Standstill Across US, Urging Gaza Ceasefire


In addition to the hundreds of anti-Israel protesters who blocked traffic along the Golden Gate Bridge in California and in Oakland, there have been several large demonstrations across the nation.

Guy Benson responded to X by writing: “The worst tactics… the worst cause… the worst people.”

On Monday, New York City saw nearly 300 protesters gather outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Protesters were heard chanting “free, free Palestine” – “Palestine will never die” – “from Wall Street to Palestine… intifada” – “Israel bombs. USA pays. How many kids did you kill today?”

Watermelon balloons are also a symbol of Palestinian unity. Many protesters carried them.

Unknown where the protesters will be going, protesters have now flooded the Brooklyn Bridge. Police are using flares to prevent protesters from crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

The police have begun arresting protesters. However, it is too early to know what they are for or the number of arrests.

After the police broke up the protest, protesters in Chicago blocked traffic at O’Hare Airport for several hours.

Chicago Police confirmed to Fox News that there were 40 arrests and charges are still pending.

“We need to pass new laws requiring that anyone who blocks American roads in protest be jailed for at least 6 months without bail or early release. This would put an end to all this. Look at the losers who are still wearing masks outside. Clay Travis wrote: “They are all mentally ill.”

Anti-Israel protesters gathered in front of Philadelphia City Hall Monday morning. The police were visible. No arrests have been reported.

Protesters also filled downtown Miami and downtown Tampa calling for a cessation of the war in Gaza.

On Monday morning, protesters in Texas demonstrated in front of the Valero headquarters at San Antonio to show their opposition to Israeli actions in Gaza.

California Highway Patrol reported that both lanes were closed on the Golden Gate Bridge in California on Monday. Images from the scene showed anti-Israel activists holding banners with messages such as “Stop the World for Gaza” or “End Gaza’s siege now!”

“While they have the right of protest, their manner is not only illegal but also incredibly dangerous,” CHP PIO Andrew Barclay said.

How long will it be before Kamala Harris begins to raise $$ to release the Golden Gate Bridge protesters? Michele Tafoya commented on X.

Sky News Australia reported on Sunday that an anti-Israel global protest was planned for Monday. However, to cause the maximum amount of disruption, activists refused to reveal protest locations. has also called for protesters to act on Monday.

“GLOBAL STRIKE TOMORROW. TAKE ACTION TO DEMAND A CEASEFIRE NOW. Whether it’s autonomous or one of the organized protests, make our voices heard. NO MORE WEAPONS FOR ISRAEL. EMERGENCY AID FOR GAZA NOW. PERMANENT CEASEFIRE NOW,” the organization posted on social media.