Ohio Attorney General Throws Cold Water on 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Story


On Monday, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost appeared on Primetime on Fox News with Jesse Watters and shared some shocking truths about the viral story of a 10-year-old pregnant rape victim. Dr. Caitlin Bern claimed that she traveled to Indiana for an abortive procedure because Ohio has restrictive abortion laws.

Over the past week, we have poured cold water on her outrageous and unverifiable claims. Yost now has more shocking details. Yost stated that she is in regular contact with local police, sheriffs, and prosecutors. “There’s not a word of silence anywhere,” Yost said.

He said, “Something perhaps even more telling is that my office runs a state crime laboratory.” You’re going have a case like this, you’re getting biological evidence and you would be looking for DNA analysis.” Yost said, “There’s no case request for analysis that looks like this.”

Watters pointed out that a 10-year-old would most likely have a pregnancy and that DNA evidence would be easy to find. It’s easier to find the DNA if it’s a relative. You can call the father, uncle, grandfather, or any other person to get the DNA of the man and lock him up.

Watters pointed out that hiding child rape is a crime. Watters also stated that doctors must report this to law enforcement. If they don’t, the abortion doctor or any other doctor should be tried in your state.

Yost also agreed. “The bottom line is that it’s illegal if you’re a mandated reporter and you fail to report,” Yost explained that Ohio’s child rape is so serious that it’s not credible that there is no statewide manhunt. “In Ohio, the rape of a 10-year-old is life imprisonment. I am familiar with the state’s prosecutors and police officers. They wouldn’t hesitate to turn over any rock within their jurisdiction if they were given the slightest hint of something having occurred.

Yost also agreed to my assessment of Ohio’s law. It is a heartbeat bill, and not based upon an unborn child’s age, as Dr. Bernard claimed. There are also exceptions for more serious circumstances like these. “Ohio has an emergency section that is more than the mother’s life. If she is alive and if the terrible thing happened, she didn’t have to travel to Ohio to seek treatment.

This story should be regarded as a hoax for one fact. The child did not have to leave Ohio. This was clearly an attempt to cause a political riot that would harm abortion bills across the country. The media and their collaborators on the left got caught in their favorite activity–manipulating the American public. Shame on them.

Thank you, Jesse! You can see the whole segment on YouTube.