AOC Mocked After Digging On On Woke Agenda Items As Democrats Retreat From Term


Many progressives are beginning to lose their “wokeness” after the GOP’s wins in Virginia. However, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D has warned her fellow Dems against using that term to distract them from issues of “racial justice” and “distancing themselves” from those matters.

Ocasio Cortez rejected the term “woke” and said it was exclusively used by older people.

Ocasio Cortez responded in a tweet that the term Woke was a term pundit now use as a derogatory metaphor for civil rights. She went on to say that making up a “woke” problem results in civil and voting rights being put on the back burner, adding how it is dangerous. In less than a year, state legislatures plan to create GOP majorities and voter suppression.

Many analysts, however, concluded that the Democrats’ “woken” agenda was a recipe to disaster in their Virginia election autopsies. Terry McAuliffe, his supporters, and others appeared to support schools’ progressive agendas, while parents voiced their concerns about graphic material and the use of critical race theory in classrooms.

Some GOP Twitter users encouraged the Dem congresswoman not to stop doubling down on a strategy that they claimed was so unsuccessful in Virginia.

Democrats such as Rev. Al Sharpton suggested that their “wokeness” could be a hindrance in future elections, adding that if they don’t take it easy they’ll have to retreat completely,

Fox News host Dan Bongino stated that the representative’s tweets made it “harder to candidly take AOC serious.”

Bongino wondered whether Ocasio Cortez had viewed the Virginia polls that showed education was a top concern for voters, or if she was too dumb to process it. He states that they have used race to judge people on skin color and are completely aware of this.