AB 2031 Update: Democrat Author Abandons Effort to Fund Defense of Violent Criminal Aliens


The California legislature introduced AB 2031 which would allow taxpayer-funded legal aid organizations to pay for the representation of criminal illegal aliens. We encouraged Californians to call their elected representatives and let them know that this is not acceptable. Californians stepped forward, and Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer, D-LA, backed down.


This was posted by Assemblyman Bill Essayli, R-Riverside in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

BREAKING NEWS! We have just received word that the Democrat who authored #AB2031, which would provide taxpayer-funded legal services to illegal criminal immigrants, has pulled the legislation from tomorrow’s hearing. This bill may be over, but it’s not known if the author will bring it up again in the future. This was a big win for Californians who called their elected officials and made sure they were aware of this dangerous policy. We must help the Feds deport criminal illegal immigrants and not fight to keep them here to prey on future victims.

Jones-Sawyer’s Sacramento and Los Angeles office’s phone lines were lit up from the comments. One person said that the staffer was not happy to hear from them.

Good job! Today I called his Sacramento office. I spoke with a woman called Trinity. She was rude and annoyed when I called. However, I did not speak rudely and expressed my concerns. I wanted to know the reason he wrote the bill, but she wouldn’t say anything except that she was recording my objection to it.

It remains to be seen if AB 2031, or a permutation thereof, is revived. Jones-Sawyer’s last term as an Assemblyman is due to California’s term limit. This has created a political class that moves from the state legislature to the local city councils and county boards, then back to the legislature or higher offices. Nancy Pelosi is a textbook example, as are Adam Schiff and Gavin Newsom, both Democrats. California politicians have failed in the Biden administration, all the way up to the White House.

Why local elections are important

Jones-Sawyer tried to run for Los Angeles City Council but is currently in fifth place with less than 6 percent of the votes. It is hoped that his record of partisanship, self-serving, and racially biased governance will finally catch up to him.

Recently, my colleague Bob Hoge wrote about his position as a Californian dissident.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, has repeatedly stated that Democrats are determined to bring as many illegal aliens into our country as they can – despite the enormous security risks. They keep finding more freebies and gifts to give illegal aliens, even when you think that they have reached their lowest point.

I have stated that free legal representation for criminal aliens who are known to be in the country is unacceptable. Jones-Sawyer’s allies and the people of California were called to account by the Californians. As Asm. Essayli said that this is a big win for Californians and the state.