Mika and Joe Address Hurt Feelings in Segment on Nancy Mace ‘Rape-Shaming’ Claim


Following her appearance on ABC News’s “This Week”, the vicious attacks against Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) continue.

Let’s recap before we get to the Joe and Mika remarks. On the ABC News Channel Sunday show, George Stephanopoulos tried to humiliate Mace in an intense debate about her support of Donald Trump during his campaign for another term.

He asked, “How can I support Trump as a rape victim? ”

“I live with shame. Mace responded, “You’re asking me about my political choices to shame me for being an abused survivor. I find that disgusting.”

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, co-hosts of “Morning Joe,” had their sneerfest Monday on MSNBC over the interview. They did not criticize Stephanopoulos but Mace. Their reasons for doing so revealed a lot about them.

This is a transcription.

Joe: “It’s not offensive and she cannot be shamed due to her inability to shame herself. ”

Mika: “Even if she tried to shame E. Jean Carroll… Oh my God. ”

Joe: “Trump tried to humiliate E. Jean Carroll years ago. “I’m still guessing on the political side …”

Mika: Mika was the woman who jeered Hunter Biden as he entered to testify in public. The private testimony went very badly but that is a side issue.

” [Sneering] She behaved like an eighth-grader, yelling at him and humiliating her. ”

Jonathan Lemire: “I was just wondering, Joe. What do idiots think about her? ”

This transcript is not accurate. Notice the condescension on their faces as Mace called out Stephanopoulos’ disgusting line.

Brzezinski falsely claimed a few things in that clip. The worst of his lies was that Hunter Biden “showed up to testify public” after Mace had slapped Mace.

Nick Arama, a reporter for RedState at the time, documented the incident. Hunter wanted to show up, play with drama, and make faces in front of the audience. Hunter was adamant that he was not there to testify but to play with the audience.

Even though Brzezinski and Scarborough didn’t explicitly say what they meant, it was easy to understand:

Nancy Mace, who had previously criticized Hunter Biden for lacking the courage to act as he desired, deserved to be shamed by a Bill Clinton-supporting advocate of rape. Joe Biden’s public image could be damaged if Hunter Biden is tarnished. We can’t let this happen.

In their report, they left out that Donald Trump, then the presidential nominee, was coddled throughout 2016 even though there were multiple allegations, dating back over 30 years, of him sexually harassing/assaulting women. Other MSM members made these accusations and found them credible.

Take a walk down memory lane.

They turned a blind eye to sexual assault accusations when they believed that they could ride on the “friendship’ of Trump to get exclusive interviews with someone who they thought would be president.

Things are now different. They are now singing a different tune.

Astute readers can figure it out.