Thomas Massie Warns of Democrat’s Trojan Horse in TikTok Ban


If something seems too good to be true, it is probably not. This TikTok banning is no exception.

Both sides agree that TikTok has serious problems. Its roots are in the Chinese Communist Party. Both Republicans and Democrats agree that giving our data to the CCP would be a bad idea.

Congress has shown a rare ability to “get things done” by threatening to ban TikTok in the States. This is a very uncharacteristic act for Congress. Congress is not known for doing things so quickly for the people.

It’s a sign that something is amiss.

Thomas Massie, Kentucky Rep., was the one to discover it. He said on Tuesday that the TikTok banning is a “trojan Horse” that would give the executive branch the power to ban anything on the Internet he dislikes.

The so-called TikTok Ban is a ruse. The President’s power will extend to WEB SITES as well as Apps. It is the US (or offshore) Internet HOSTING SERVICE, or App Store that breaks the law. Not the “foreign enemy.”

This bill would grant the executive branch of the government broad powers to censor the internet. Telegram, VPNs, and other websites would be affected. It’s also concerning that the term “foreign enemy” is not clearly defined, meaning this could be left to the president’s opinion.

Massie posted a second tweet in which he pointed out the person who was completely immune to this bill. Try to guess who it is by just the language.

You win if you correctly guess “Amazon”.

Rand Paul stated that this ultimately is a threat to our First Amendment Rights dressed up as a safety issue for the public.

This bill is much more dangerous than ByteDance, no matter what your opinion on TikTok is. There is no proof that ByteDance has ever shared data with China. The fear is that China might order the Singapore-based firm to do so.

The devil that we know is trying to convince us to give him power to protect against the devil that we don’t yet know. If we know anything, our local devil is not and will never be our friend.

This TikTok Bill should be opposed.