White House Shrugs off Threat of China Purchasing Land Near Military Bases


John Kirby, President Joe Biden’s strategic coordinator for communications, shrugged off questions from Kimberly Halkett (White House Correspondent, Al Jazeera English) about China’s recent land acquisitions during the daily press briefing.

According to the National Association of Realtors, Chinese investors are the largest foreign buyers of US real estate. They have spent a record $6.1 Billion on American homes.

Kirby responded to the national security threat by saying, “I think that the question of homeownership might be a bit too out of my — my swim lane,”

Kirby was asked about China’s land purchase near military bases. Kirby answered, “What you will tell me is that the President has been nothing less than clear about our concerns regarding Chinese unfair trade practices, economic practices, and practices.”

Halkett asked the White House for a response to the threat to national security posed by China’s purchase of land close to military bases.

A company associated with the Chinese government bought 370 acres of land in North Dakota near Grand Forks Air Force Base.

Kirby replied, “Yeah. I’m probably the wrong person to ask about homeownership in the United States.”

Halkett replied, “This isn’t about homeownership.” This is about purchasing land near military installations.

“We’re going — we’re going t keep going,” White House press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, interrupting to allow another reporter to ask a question.