A Much Closer to Home War Brewing, on Joe Biden’s Watch


When I was a young boy, we believed that what the world needs now is “love, sweet love” because, if we’re being honest, that’s really the only thing that there’s just too little of. What the world needs under President Joe Biden is just one more war, this one much closer to home than Ukraine or the Gaza Strip.

That was an odd introduction for a serious subject, but I am trying to gently break one more piece of bad news.

the fraternal socialist brotherhood government of Venezuela will hold a referendum on Sunday officially annexing the border region of tiny neighboring Guyana — a border region encompassing two-thirds of tiny neighboring Guyana. Whoever told you socialists aren’t greedy was lying. And a socialist.

The United Socialist Party of Nicolas Maduro authorized the referendum in October. Since then, they have used “leaflets and reggaeton videos and other content” that stirs up nationalist anger over land Venezuela has claimed for years but has never fought to obtain.

Perhaps until now.

On a 2024 Global Doom Edition ™ bingo card, who had the phrase “Venezuela & Brazil Fighting Over Guyana?”?

Why is Maduro suddenly agitated?

Lots of oil. HTML

Imagine that a family of four is suddenly able to inherit a large bank. That’s the windfall Guyana will receive.

You may ask: “But wait, I hear you saying, doesn’t Venezuela have a lot more oil? ”

Yes. Venezuela has 308 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, the largest in the world. This is 28 times larger than Guyana’s relatively small stash. Venezuela occupying Guyana to get the oil would be the same as Canada invading Vermont to steal the snow.

The oil production of the world’s richest oil-producing country has declined since 2012 after years of neglect by the government.

Guyana is a poor country.

However, there could be another reason for Maduro’s decision to put his country on a war footing.

Last year, the Biden administration began lifting sanctions against Venezuela, just as it did on Hamas’s sponsor Iran two years before Hamas launched their terror attack on southern Israel last month.

There is a pattern here that I can see, and you probably do too.

In the future, historians might say that Joe Biden and mean tweets brought world peace together. But my hope of living to see this happen is dwindling with each war that starts under his watch.