Post Condemning Hamas for Horrors Inflicted on Israeli Women Gets Deleted by UN Women’s Group


If you need even more proof that the ugly face of antisemitism is female, here you go:

UN Women, the self-described “global champion for gender equality,” has deleted their post from last week that condemned the rapes and murders of Israeli women at the hands of Hamas.

UN Women has been heavily criticized for its silence following the October 7 massacre, which saw Israeli women tortured by Hamas terrorists and killed. They tweeted about the horrifying horrors inflicted upon these women just a week later.

UN Women condemns the attacks on civilians in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories, including women & girls. International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law must be respected & enforced.

Do you feel the passion of this video? They then told Israel not to avenge Gaza’s atrocities committed against their women and young girls.

UN Women’s accounts on social media continued to echo Hamas’ talking points by calling for a cessation of hostilities and focusing exclusively on the suffering and plight of women in Gaza. The women and girls in Gaza must be protected against all forms of violence. We met with Palestinian Women’s Organizations and reiterated our support for women & girls living in #Gaza & the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Their silence about what happened to Israeli women was deafening.

In an Instagram post, seven weeks after the October 7 massacre, many confirmations of the horrors that Jewish women and girls suffered on that day. The group finally condemned Hamas.

“We condemn Hamas for its brutal attack of October 7th and demand their unconditional and immediate release. ”

This is not a denial, but rather what you would expect from an antisemitic organization when faced with their hypocrisy.

However, the organization’s halfhearted support for Israel was short-lived. The organization quickly removed its condemnation of Israel in favor of a call for the “release of hostages”. “Not” Israeli hostages. Hamas didn’t kidnap or abuse hostages.


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The Israeli government’s spokesperson, Ines Esteban González, gave a new version of history.

She explained that UN Women’s social media team had planned the post in advance but wanted to focus on the hostage release when it broke. We will do this until the end. “We also demanded that any claims of gender-based violence be thoroughly investigated, with an emphasis on the rights and needs of those affected.

The lack of support from this so-called women’s organization has not gone unnoticed, and many women on social media have attempted to call awareness to the situation by using the hashtag “#MeToo_UNless_UR_A_Jew. ”

UN Women is clear in its message: it is not just them who are guilty of sexual assault and murder. This barbaric attitude is shared by the entire United Nations. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in October calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. They did not condemn Hamas terror attacks in general.

This act is antisemitic and misogynistic. American taxpayers are expected to pay for it.