McGregor ‘Throws Another Punch’ at Irish Government Amidst ‘Hate Speech’ Investigation


The Irish government should have known better than to pick a fight with a guy who made fighting his profession and is one of the best of all time at it.

Conor McGregor, the MMA champion from Ireland has made waves around the world for his refusal to accept the Irish government’s lax approach towards the crime wave caused by unchecked migration. It’s so bad, that it has caused riots in Ireland after an Algerian immigrant stabbed 3 children. The Irish government immediately blamed the issue on “far-right” groups.

McGregor condemned the riots but stressed that they were not the result of far-right extremists creating unrest. Instead, the Irish people had been subjected to complete cultural and social submission by a wave of illegal migrants with no regard for the country in which they had supposedly sought refuge.

Leo Varandkar, the Irish Prime Minister, then crossed the line by using a softer tone when referring to the recovery of Emily Hand, a young Irish woman who was taken from Hamas terrorists. Varandakar tried to make it seem like Emily Hand was just “lost,” and then “found,” however McGregor refused and told the truth, expressing his disgust at Varandakar as a coward.

McGregor’s political influence is growing, and the Irish government has reacted accordingly. They weaponized the government in order to take McGregor down and silence him. The government announced that it was investigating McGregor for “hate speeches.”

McGregor doesn’t seem to be phased by the situation and is continuing his offensive approach.

McGregor took to X to call out the left, accusing them of trying to “blame” him for their own failures. He made it clear, however, that this won’t work, because it is their failure that has put the children in the hospital, and not his:

They don’t want the truth to be known. You can blame me as much as you want. I’ll take it if it makes you happy. However, the truth about the failed policies of this administration will always be the reason why we have children on life support in hospitals after being stabbed and whose conditions are being hidden from the public. Shame on the government and all those who are trying to hide and deny this. Shame!

McGregor doesn’t just tell the truth. He’s also making plans. This is why the leftists of the Irish government find him so dangerous.

I don’t connect migration with crime. I link crime to the many failed policies of your government in protecting and securing residents of Ireland. National security is seriously compromised. A brand new task force should be formed to evaluate all immigrants entering Ireland. This peace of mind will benefit both our natives and visitors. Deporting those who are here illegally, or have committed crimes here is necessary. This task requires a new unit to be created. Call it “Ireland Protect”

McGregor even went after the media, accusing them of trying to soften their blow against the criminals.

McGregor gives the impression he is running for office soon, most likely as Prime Minister. If he does, he has a good chance of winning. McGregor is doing all that has been proven to work for right-leaning political figures in order to win their respective countries.

It is possible that this is part of the reasoning behind the leftist Irish Government’s decision to weaponize the Irish law enforcement system in order to target McGregor. He has a good chance to depose them if he enters politics. And he will probably undo a lot of their work in making Ireland more globalist than Irish.

But one thing is clear. McGregor, whether he likes it or not has become a symbol of the backlash against Ireland’s abusive government.