After Ignoring Waukesha, Biden to Visit Buffalo After Shooting


The White House announced that Joe Biden would visit Buffalo on Tuesday to meet the families of victims, shortly after Saturday’s racially motivated shooting.

“A hate crime motivated by racial hatred is a scourge to this country’s very fabric. Any act of domestic terror, even one committed in the name a repugnant ideology of white nationalists, is an attack on everything that America stands for. Biden stated Saturday that hate must not have a safe harbor. “We must do all we can to stop hate-fueled domestic terrorist acts.”

Biden’s trip to Buffalo is in sharp contrast to his refusal of visiting Waukesha (Wisc.). After a Black Lives Matter supporter drove his SUV through a Christmas parade, six people were killed in an racially motivated attack. Darrell Brooks (the driver) had called for violence against whites and said that Hitler was right for killing Jews through posts on social media.

Jen Psaki, then-White House Press Secretary, claimed that Biden would not be visiting Waukesha due to the fact that it “requires lots of assets.”

Psaki stated, “Well, I would first say: As the president communicated last week, our hearts go to this community, the people of Waukesha. We’ve been in contact, obviously with officials there, but we’re all watching as the people are recovering.” This is a very difficult time of the year for such things to occur. It is difficult at any time. It’s obvious that any president visiting a community takes a lot of resources and assets. I don’t have a trip planned at this time. However, we keep in touch with local officials. Our hearts are with them as they go through so much.

Evidently, the Waukesha issue had nothing to do about assets and resources. It was all about the fact that the massacre wasn’t in line with the narratives of the media and the Biden administration.

The mainstream media tried to make the Buffalo shooting fit their preferred narrative by insisting that the shooter was a radical right-winger, when the evidence clearly shows otherwise. Rolling Stone magazine, for example, claimed that the Buffalo shooter was a Republican “mainstream,” even though he said he was an “authoritarian left-wing” in a manifesto. While some claim that he was radicalized at Fox News, he attacked Fox News as one of the many networks he blames for hiring Jewish people in his hate-filled manifesto.

Biden has not yet visited Waukesha or Brooklyn since Frank Robert James, a black nationalist, went on a shooting rampage through the subway last month. Biden is yet to announce whether he will visit Orange County, Calif. where five people were injured and one died in Sunday’s church shooting.