Gascon Recall Effort Fails as Registrar Throws out 196K Signatures


The Recall Gascon petition failed to qualify for November ballot, despite having nearly 200,000 signatures invalidated by the LA County Register-Recorder. This is a shocking blow to the residents of Los Angeles. They released a press release Monday saying that the petition was not sufficient to be eligible for recall.

LA County Registrar-Recorder finds that petition to recall Gascon is “insufficient.”

Source: Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

George Gascon, the Soros-funded District Attorney has caused havoc in Los Angeles by his love for criminals as well as his contempt for victims. The recall effort gathered 715,833 signatures, but Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan has found a stunning 195,783 to be invalid for a variety of reasons. The 566,587 signatures were required to be valid in order to qualify. However, only 520.050 were accepted, which leaves the 46,537 effort short.

The most important part of the recall process was qualifying for the ballot. John Phillips, the KABC radio host, explained this today:

Because everyone knew that if this thing was on the ballot, the stakes were high. He knew this. That was something we knew. That was known by the County Registrar. He knew that he could not defeat the recall attempt if he did it during the signature-gathering phase.

Many people predicted this outcome, believing that LA’s powers would find a way to reduce enough signatures. This stinks to high heaven, let’s be clear.

First, it was reported that monitors were not permitted to view the count, apparently in contravention of the law. How can we believe in a count that took place in the dark? We cannot. Logan has a history full of scandals. He was accused of “stealing the Washington governor’s race” in 2004 when he miraculously obtained more votes during a recount. In 2006, he resigned from the King’s County election board in Washington because of a “toxic environment.”

According to the press release, here’s a breakdown of the errors that Registrar Logan found:

Not registered: 88.464

Maximum Number of Times Signed (Duplicates): 43,593

Different Address: 32.187

Signature for Mismatch: 9,490

Canceled: 7,344

Address Out of County: 5,374

Other: 9,331

I’m curious what “other” means. It is also odd that 32,000 people have “different addresses.” I would venture to guess they were very strict about mismatched signatures. “Oh, that one looks a little off,” I can hear them saying, “Toss it.” As many Recall Gascon supporters have pointed out, the Registrar was clearly not using the very loose standards of signature matching that have been the norm in California’s COVID-justified mail-in-ballots-for-all elections.

According to the statement, supporters of the recall have the right to inspect the signatures.

These findings have been notified by the RR/CC to the petitioners. California Elections Code SS11301 and Government Code SS6253 allow petition proponents to examine petition signatures if they wish, provided that this examination does not begin later than 21 calendar days following the certification of insufficiency.

The organizers responded by vowing to fight back. Dennis Zine, a Los Angeles City Councilman and Cochair of the recall, spoke with Phillips at KABC and stated:

It’s very sad news. However, it is not surprising considering how the Registrar orchestrated this particular situation…

We were prohibited from watching any activities during the count. We were outside. We were on the outside. There are many victims who are outraged.

There are so many stories to tell, and the list is only going to grow if we stay with him. Los Angeles is in a very dark time.

Updated Monday, 8/15 at 4:30 PST: Recall the DA George Gascon’s campaign statement

Although the initial results were disappointing and surprising, the Recall Committee will continue to use its full legal and statutory authority to review the rejected signatures and verification process, and ultimately ensure that no voter was disenfranchised.

According to the Registrar-Recorder, more than half a million people signed a petition to recall Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. It is heartbreaking to deny them the chance to restore public safety in their communities. This is a disingenuous or naive interpretation. In addition to the nearly half-million signatures, 37 cities voted no confidence in the District attorney, and more than 98% of Gascon prosecutors supported recall,

George Gascon’s removal from office is not a question of if but when. Los Angeles citizens cannot afford to allow George Gascon to continue wreaking havoc on their streets for another two years. People’s lives are at risk.

– The Recall DA George Gascon Campaign