Zuckerberg’s Climate Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds


In the Midwest, my Irish-Catholic grandmother used to joke about “what is good for one is good for all” as she applied her Old-World discipline to her grandchildren.

Her favorite aphorism is “Spare not a rod”.

She has never had the chance to teach such basic lessons to technocrats who aspire to rule the dystopian global tech-hell fiefdom envisioned by the World Economic Forum which states “You will be happier if you have nothing”.

Mark Zuckerberg will keep his private jets and mega-yachts. He is a crusader against climate change.

Camus, a Twitter/X user, reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a reputation for being a climate change advocate. Mark Zuckerberg has added a $300-million mega yacht and a Gulfstream G650 to his extravagant collection. This report features footage of this behemoth.

Once, we had a respectable, large Facebook presence and reached thousands of readers who enjoyed our work.

In the late 2010s, as the Big Tech censorship regime ramped up our stories about Climate Change, the scam, and many other topics, were bombarded with corporate “fact-checking”. Eventually, we lost almost all of our reach due to increasingly draconian policies that target independent publishing companies.

Mark Zuckerberg and his new toy, the Facebook/Meta kingpin are amazed by how much carbon dioxide is produced when a boat is used to make fuel. Car emissions are compared to those from vehicles that people use every day to go to work and live, not just to have fun on the weekends.

Via Super Yacht Content:

According to Yachting Pages, the 180m M/Y Azzam can hold one million litres. This is equivalent to filling up an average hatchback car 23,800 times. Six Boeing 747 commercial planes.

Tony Hildrew, West Nautical’s Vessel Manager is a former yacht chief engineer. “Fuel is the largest expense in yacht operation,” he said. Global fuel expenditure [for yachting] is estimated to be around $150 billion yearly. ”

Fuel consumption is dependent on the use of the vehicle. Zuckerberg, his billionaire friends, and their stooges are flying to Climate Change where they will tell peasants not to have air conditioning, gas stoves, or refrigerators. The carbon footprint of Zuckerberg’s yacht could be higher than that of an average activist.

Barack Obama in 2013

If we consider the many young people that have spoken here…and if they all raise their living standards to afford a car air conditioning, and a big house, the world is going to boil over eventually unless new energy sources are developed.

Climate Change is genocidal on its current course. The strategic targeting of the food supply is included in this.

Beef, the War on Food

And the governing authorities responsible would rather not have any pesky independent, uncompromised media around to report on it when things go south — the same reason they don’t want us reporting on dangerous gain-of-function research currently underway on American soil that will likely spark COVID 2.0, or any other technocratic machination that serves no one’s interests except a tiny handful of vicious elites.

It was never about the environment or Equity or any other nice words whispered in liberalized minds to push an agenda. It has always been about poverty, and reducing the population.

Because of this, we are targeted by censorship.