NPR Chair Katherine Maher’s Mysterious Disappearance Sparks Speculation!


The National Public Radio Chairperson (NPR) is missing.

Congress is likely to want to know her location. Her face may not be on milk cartons yet, but you can bet it will be soon. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce asked Katherine Maher, NPR’s CEO, to appear on Wednesday and testify on why Uri Berlin, a former editor of NPR told The Free Press that NPR had a liberal bias in an article published on April 9, was so upset.

Maher declined.

The spokesperson stated, “NPR respects both the committee’s request and Maher’s, and has offered her testimony at a time in the near term that is convenient for both the committee and Maher.” The spokesperson said that NPR had publicly advertised and previously scheduled all-day board meetings on the date in question. This was Maher’s first meeting with NPR since joining just six weeks earlier. These meetings are planned more than a full year in advance.

“Maher is therefore unable to attend this week’s hearing and has communicated that to the committee and proposed alternate dates. Maher will provide written testimony in her absence,” the spokesperson continued.

It’s a pity. It would have been a great show to see a CEO from the left-wing shiver under Klieg’s lights as he tried to refute Berliner’s allegations.

Maher did send a written testimonial as promised. Maher claims that the network “brings trusted, reliable and independent news, information, of the highest standards of editorial quality” to millions listeners.

The Free Press

Four witnesses from the media and think tanks testified for two hours to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on how federal funds are shared between NPR and its local affiliates.

Berliner was a long-time critic of NPR and had warned staff about the public’s lack of confidence in the network for many years before he published his article in The Free Press. He said that NPR no longer has an open-minded culture and we now have a less diverse audience. He continued that this wouldn’t be an issue for a news outlet with a narrow audience, but for NPR, a media outlet that claims to be open-minded, the loss of audience is devastating to its journalism and business model.

Ms. Maher, in truth, is a very special case, nd she is very biased.

Christopher Rufo of City Journal slammed Maher after she tweeted that she flew in coach like all the other plebes, and “in the lounge and on board, it’s usually > 80% men, usually white.”

Berliner’s story went viral quickly, especially when biased tweets Maher posted before becoming NPR CEO in January last year started to surface. She urged Hillary Clinton to not use the phrase “boys and girl” because it “erases language for nonbinary people.”

Okay, so yeah, she’s woke, biased, and a Snob. It’s no wonder she didn’t want to appear before Congress.