You’ve Heard of Doctor Seuss, Now We Have Docs in a Box


Fox News and other news outlets have featured the Docs in a Box.

The White House and left-wingers dropped many odd zingers to harrumph the subject away.

From the twits on The View to the capital, you could hear the liberals all chanting,

“This cannot be true! You still need to vote blue! Those boxes must all have been planted!”

This is not a joke. This stuff is impossible to make up. And why would you when such things are available to me? RealClearPolitics reports that the View panel (hey, I love y’all, but I won’t be putting that on at our house) was filmed. There are my wife, grandkids, and dogs, and I have to think about them. RCP will trust you. They were suspicious that Joe Biden with his golden legs and squeaky clean reputation would commit any offense even remotely similar to those of which Trump is accused. Joy Behar said: “You know what? Donald Trump is the luckiest person I have ever seen. Just as we are so close to getting him these documents appear.” To which Sonny Hostin responded, “Does that feel like oppo research to you?” Is it like the Republicans are behind this?

That’s all I have to say about that. It is true that you would expect such thoughtful commentary from The View. Their inhabitants are as unaware of the real world and as inept as a hermit crab. This may be doing a disservice to hermit crabs. The conspiracy theories or “planting the seeds of doubt” made it to Washington. Fox News Hank Johnson, a Democrat, suggested that Skulduggery might have been involved. Scroll down to the 28 mark to see how the Gentleman of Georgia is dangerously close to Dr. Seuss’s territory.

It almost makes my little ditty look bad. Almost. Biden admitted that he had kept some documents near his Corvette. He also assured us that he does not keep his ‘Vette locked. We are grateful for that. It’s likely that he has a Ring doorbell to keep an eye on the situation. Poor Karine Jean Pierre, who tried to avoid questions but almost brought back the ’70s dance “The Hustle”, couldn’t resolve the matter. Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate this matter. I think there is plenty of fire to go along with all that smoke. However, I would be shocked if there is anything really shocking. Garland wouldn’t name anyone who would uncover anything more sinister, I think. Many have suggested that this could be the trapdoor Democrats use to keep Biden from the 2024 election. They could use this as an excuse to kill Trump and nail Biden to a wall. These theories may seem a little farfetched but we are talking here about the Democrat Party. It is possible for anything to happen, and it often does.

Johnson applauded Garland for his move and said it was a departure from the Trump years. He added:

We know that there is a significant difference between the Trump case and the Biden case. We still don’t have enough information about the Biden document discoveries. It’s also too early to draw any conclusions. However, I feel confident that we are on the right track to uncovering the truth and that justice will prevail.

This may seem bad, but it’s not Trump-worthy. It would be terrifying if Trump were to do this. Trump could do anything, but nothing a Democrat does can be considered bad. You can rest easy tonight.

Let me clarify: If a Republican holds onto official documents, it’s sedition, a high criminal, espionage, or something. It’s a common error for a Democrat president to do the same thing. It’s like forgetting to change your cat litter or empty the trash can. Uh-huh. Gotcha. You can bet that as more information comes to light, which I believe it will, you will see more denials from the left and more spin coming out of the right side of the aisle. House GOP said that it is committed to pursuing corruption within the current administration. This controversy could give Democrats the practice that they need when the real excrement threatens the fan.