WSJ Prints Blistering Editorial Ripping Gore/Kerry for Bullying World Bank With Insane Climate Demands


The Wall Street Journal is a sober and somewhat-staid publication originally intended for finance professionals to read stock market news and “the Street”. However, it has evolved into a viable alternative for people who don’t want the screams of The New York Times or The Washington Post but still wish an establishment take from a national newspaper.

Although it’s not surprising to see a blistering editorial from their Editorial Board on Sunday night, it was exactly what they did. They slam John Kerry and Al Gore, climate extremists, for their bullying of the World Bank.

The paper’s centrists made a brilliant point in response to Gore/Kerry’s pressure tactics:

If John Kerry, Al Gore, and the New York Times get together on someone, it’s a sign that a political hit is in store. David Malpass, the World Bank president, was last week raped for not making the international lending institution an arm of Democratic Party climate policy.

What is the issue? What is the issue? The World Bank’s mission is to alleviate poverty all over the world, therefore its outlook may not be the same as that of the elites of Silicon Valley and Martha’s Vineyard.

The Journal points out the importance of bringing third-world nations into the first…

…requires energy which is currently most efficient and affordable provided by fossil fuels. But Kerry cautioned African leaders not to invest in long-term natural gas production if they look for a way to develop.

This is an indulgence in California, which has the luxury of paying twice as much for energy as its neighboring states. [Emphasis mine.]

California is not wealthy enough to pay twice as much as its neighboring states. People are leaving California in large numbers because they cannot afford to live there. But I digress. Continue reading:

It amounts to condemning many countries in Africa and the rest of the developing world to decades of poverty.

California isn’t Africa but similar dynamics are at work. Although the powers-that-be say they will ban gas-powered cars by 2035 they ask you not to charge your car as the electric grid cannot handle it. You can’t turn off the gas without a replacement. And they don’t. It is absurd to ask Africa to go hungry so Kerry and Gore can be more positive about climate change. After the horrors of Sri Lanka, you’d think they would have learned their lesson. Meanwhile, they are trying to make a developing nation suffer to please the climate gods.

The WSJ continues to pile on:

Kerry could even be causing poverty in poor countries by ignoring rising prices and a shortage of natural gas for fertilizer. Climate monomania is much easier to preach from Martha’s Vineyard bluff than from a village without reliable electricity in the Congo.

The technology isn’t there to make a quick transition to a world that doesn’t use fossil fuels, as the world is still learning. [Emphasis mine.]

They then bring in the hammer.

When Mr. Kerry travels the globe by private jets or government aircraft, it is difficult to absorb his lectures. For decades, Mr. Gore has predicted climate doom even though he continues to invest in green energy supported by a lot of government subsidies. What do they have to prove their climate advocacy over the past decades? They host conferences and set unrealistic emission targets. The climate lobby is determined to stop the natural gas production expansion that has led to significant reductions in U.S. emissions over the past decade.

Exactly. Wall Street Journal, thank you for taking these climate hustlers down one or two pegs.