McCarthy Accidentally Posts Extreme MAGA Agenda, Then Frantically Hides It


Perhaps Nancy Pelosi, 82, has a lot to be thankful for. She doesn’t likely have countless years of suffering over Donald Trump or “MAGA Republicans”, living rent-free in her head 24×7. Is that not cold? Pelosi’s reaction today to Kevin McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader, accidentally publishing the Republican electoral plan to McCarthy’s official site and then quickly removing it.

Just the News reported that a blog post by Pelosi’s office – titled “OOPS: McCarthy Accidentally posts & hides extreme MAGA agenda (But We Have Screenshots ) — contains screenshots of the site. It shows that the Commitment to America plan by the Republican Party was briefly visible to the public. However, it has been password protected.

Pelosi’s office posted the screenshots with glee — who does that? Pelosi’s office posted the screenshots, highlighting typical Republican pro-life pledges to “defend and fight for life” and “protect the lives of unborn children,” which Pelosi called an “extreme agenda.”

Pelosi also exploited other screenshots. These included Republican support for electoral integrity measures like expanding voter ID laws, which the majority of black voters do not believe to be discriminatory, and ensuring election observer accessibility. We must not forget that Democrats do not want to make voting easier, they want to make cheating easier.

Pelosi’s office (approved by Pelosi, of course), deludedly asserted

Their extremist agenda also promises to make it harder to vote and purge eligible voters from the rolls. It also gives extreme MAGA state legislatures the absolute power to alter the rules of elections at will. They help insert MAGA allies to disrupt voting places and count votes in order to aid MAGA politicians in inventing a way to overturn the results they don’t like.

Are you mad, Madam Speaker? What do you mean by how Democrats lose elections (see: Hillary’s loss in 2016)? And when Roe v. Wade was correctly overturned, you supported illegal protests in front of the homes and families of Supreme Court justices. Let’s continue. Nancy, your hypocritical list is a mile long.

The depth of liberal hypocrisy is evident in my writings, which I have written many times over the years. Nancy Pelosi, 82 years old and stage 4 TDS-ridden Nancy Pelosi, remains the hood ornament.