Woman Survives in Australian Bushland on Wine and Lollipops for 5 Days


A dramatic video shows the moment rescuers found a woman in Australia who was lost in the bush for several days and survived on only wine and lollipops.

The police helicopter was searching dense bushland for the 48-year-old woman, identified only as Lillian.

Her family expected her to come visit and, when she did not arrive, they reported a missing person report at the police on 30 April.

She is seen waving to the helicopter, and then a police vehicle arrives to rescue Lillian.

She said to police that when she reached a dead-end on a dirt track, she realized she’d made a mistake. She tried to reverse her direction but her car got stuck in the mud, and her cell phone had no service.

“Lillian’s car was with her because she couldn’t walk to get help due to health problems,” said Wodonga police station Sergeant Martin Torpey.

Torpey said that “she used common sense by staying with her vehicle and not wandering off into the bushland. This helped police find her.” She was only going on a day trip and had taken only a few snacks and lollipops with her, but no water.

Torpey said that the woman had only brought wine as a present for her mother. He also added that Lillian did not drink alcohol normally. She also used the heater to keep warm overnight.

CBS News reports that the temperature in this area reached 36 degrees.

Dehydration was diagnosed and she was hospitalized.

Torpey said, “She was relieved and thankful to see us, and we were equally happy to see her.”

Here is the video of the Australian rescue.