Starbucks Fires Transgender Employee Following Customer Dispute Over Misgendering


A transgender worker at Starbucks was terminated after a video showed her screaming at a female customer about misgendering him.

The video, filmed on April 30, at a Starbucks in Southampton, U.K. went viral.

The employee shouted and called the woman “Karen”, and said that she was misgendering him.

Never! Ever! “You do not know me,” the woman responded.

You are transphobic. Get out! The employee said that the woman “trespassed” and later added,

After a few seconds, the employee seemed to attack the person who was recording the altercation with a cell phone.

Starbucks spokesperson said that the altercation took place at a store that was not owned by their company. The employee has been terminated.

The spokesperson said, “Starbucks does not tolerate this type of behavior and we’re very sorry about the experience this customer had.”

A version of the video that was posted on social media attracted nearly 5,000,000 views.

Vanessa Thomas told the Daily Mail the video didn’t capture the whole altercation.

The video doesn’t tell the whole story. It was terrifying and shocking. The Starbucks manager grabbed and threw out the cafe. If Mark hadn’t caught up with me, I might have been killed or seriously injured.

Southampton Police said that they are investigating an apparent assault.

A police statement stated that “it is alleged a staff member verbally abused a customer in the store before attacking a member who was filming this incident.”

The police added that there were no reported injuries and that the investigation is ongoing.

This is the video of the incident.