Woman Found Dead Outside Synagogue: Murder and Home Invasion Charges Filed


The man who was arrested on Monday in connection with the murder of Detroit Synagogue leader Samantha Woll (whom authorities say was killed on October 30) has now been charged with murder, home invasion, and lying to police.

Michael Jackson-Bolanos, a 28-year-old Detroiter, entered a plea of not guilty on Wednesday. Jackson-Bolanos, 28, of Detroit, entered a not-guilty plea on Wednesday.

On October 21, Woll was found dead. She was the president of the Isaac Agree Downtown Detroit Synagogue. Detroit Police Chief James White said at the time, “The evidence indicates that the crime was motivated primarily by antisemitism.” Kym Worthy reiterated her statement on Wednesday.

Samantha Woll’s death wasn’t the result of a hate crime or antisemitic act.

Worthy said that there is no evidence to suggest that the defendant knew Ms. Woll.

Brian Brown told the Associated Press that he would vigorously represent Jackson-Bolanos, as he had to.

“I don’t always accept the accusations.”

White said that Jackson-Bolanos “was on [their] radar” when investigators were trying to solve larcenies in “the area” a few weeks ago. He noted that not all crimes are solved immediately, especially serious crimes.

White stated that the case was too complex to solve on television. He said, “Horses of hours of evidence.” Video for hours and hours. Work on the phone seven days a week. ”

Detroit police, as well as the media, have worked overtime since the discovery of Woll’s body to dispel the notion that the murder was motivated solely by antisemitism. However, it’s also possible that Woll died at random and that her being a leader within Detroit’s Jewish Community was just a terrible coincidence. You know what they say about coincidences.

The attack occurred inside Woll’s home after she returned to her house from a wedding at around 12:30 am. Lafayette Park may be a nice area by Detroit standards, but it is still Detroit. It seems odd that she left it unlocked at a time when Jewish communities are being threatened worldwide.