Biden Caught in a Bind: His Past Words on Subpoenas Come Back to Haunt Him


I wrote previously about how Joe Biden dodged questions regarding his son’s Wednesday statement and how he refused to comply with the congressional subpoena. It was probably inevitable.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, admitted that she was “familiar with” the statement made by his son. This led to questions about whether he had been involved and if he’d advised him not to testify. Then, he could be accused of trying to obstruct an investigation.

She refused to answer questions from reporters about her previous comments regarding the issue of defying subpoenas.

We’ll show you what he actually said. In October 2021, he was asked what to do about those who refused to comply with the subpoenas issued by the Jan.6 Committee.

Biden responded, “I hope that the Committee will go after them and hold them accountable.”

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked him: “Do you believe they should be prosecuted?”

Biden replied, “Yes, I do.”

If we were to take him at his words, then his son would be charged.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-MD, told CNN that Biden had said that the committee “should aggressively enforce the right of the committee to get people’s testimonies and to get documents that we’ve been subpoenaed. There’s no issue with that.”

Joe Biden is a man you cannot trust.

Biden suddenly becomes silent and refuses to respond when it comes to his son or, frankly, testimony that could impact him, and possibly impeachment. Before, he was not afraid to speak his mind. He’s not as willing to speak out now. He doesn’t say it was wrong that his son defied the House Oversight Committee. He doesn’t say that his son should face prosecution for this. He’s protected under the “magical D”. How dare anyone question Hunter or Joe Biden about this?

I doubt he will even try to justify the differences in his views, such as the “Republicans can be mean so we can do anything” defense.

He is a hypocrite.