Woman Bound, Stabbed, and Buried Alive for Hours Miraculously Escapes Shallow Grave


A woman from Washington claims that her husband tied, gagged, and stabbed her before she was buried in a shallow grave.

Young An (42 years old) claimed that Chae An 53 her husband had kidnapped and assaulted them following a dispute over their finances.

Before the attack, Young was issued an order of restraint against Chae. It was, however, rescinded upon her request.

Chae is accused of putting duct tape in Young’s bedroom on October 16th. Young could use her Apple Watch to call 911 and also send emergency alerts to her children and friends

Fox News obtained a disturbing audio recording of the seven-minute call with police. The recording captured Young’s muffled pleas to help, as the dispatcher attempted to understand her.

Young claims Chae returned to her bedroom and pulled her inside his garage. Chae called 911 despite the damage to her watch.

Many neighbors saw Chae’s minivan leave the neighborhood and drive toward the house. The police were not aware that Young had been kidnapped.

“The dispatch was an unknown problem call,” Sgt. Shannon Barnes said for Fox News. “He didn’t know anything about the situation he was entering. ”

Young is said to have been driven by Chae to a wooded area outside of town. He stabbed Young in his chest, then buried him in a shallow 19-inch grave.

Young said that she moved for hours to keep dirt from getting in her eyes until she was able to remove the duct tape.

According to police, Young ran away from the grave and knocked at a nearby door asking for assistance.

Young told the sheriff, according to probable cause statements, that his husband was trying to kill him. Please help me!

Authorities found Chae in his van near the shallow grave and arrested him.

Chae was charged with attempted first-degree murder, domestic violence kidnapping, and other charges.