The Red Wave Could Hit New York and Oregon, Voters Fed up With Crime


Voters are fed up with crime and the open-air drug trade, homeless encampments right in front of houses and businesses, and feeling unsafe in their communities. The New York gubernatorial race is shifting towards Lee Zeldin as Election Day approaches. For several months, Christine Drazan, the GOP candidate in Oregon, has maintained a narrow lead in polls.

During last week’s New York gubernatorial debate, when speaking about the issue of crime, Zeldin pointed out that Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) did not talk about locking up criminals. Hochul responded by claiming criminals have “consequences” while adding, “I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

It’s evident that it is important for many New Yorkers, and not just Zeldin. The polls have changed in his favor since his comments. Hochul’s careless comment could have cost her the race. Residents don’t feel safe in New York and want a leader who will prosecute the criminals, not treat them as victims.

Zeldin told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that there are Democrats who are fed up with Hochul and her soft-on-crime approach, among other poor decisions she has made as Governor.

“Some Democrats feel their party has abandoned them. Some Democrats consider themselves conservative. Because that’s what you do, some Democrats registered as Democrats in New York City. You want your vote counted and feel that the only way is to vote in Democratic primaries for the best option if you have one.

People are fleeing from the state, as their wallets, safety, and freedom are being threatened. You have to wake up to see videos and hear stories about people being shoved in front of a subway car or the Green Goblin gang. Kathy Hochul isn’t interested in talking about it. She just wants us to look away. There is nothing to see. It’s a conspiracy, she says. She’ll even tell you to list factual data even if you do.

There is a good chance that Zeldin will win if Democrats and Independents vote in large numbers for him, as well as Republicans. Zeldin’s victory would set off a political tsunami.

Oregon may also elect a Republican governor if the polls are indicative of what could happen on Tuesday. Drazan won a race for the state house in 2018 and was reelected in 2020.

We reported previously that she ran an effective campaign to combat crime and homelessness. Her website says:

She was the Republican Leader and fought against the powerful special interests and entrenched politicians that run our state government. Christine fought for the reopening of schools and the repeal of Governor Brown’s emergency orders which had shut down Oregon’s economy. Christine led Republicans out of the building and stopped Kate Brown and Tina Kotek from trying to drastically increase energy and gas prices for Oregon’s families, businesses, and families. Christine voted no when they tried to tax Oregonians with new taxes worth billions of dollars. Christine condemned the violence and supported law enforcement, even as Tina Kotek and Kate Brown cheered.

Christine is now ready to fight for real change and fresh leadership in the Governor’s Office. She will challenge the status quo at Salem and fight for the best interests of working families.

Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, is committed to Drazan’s victory in Oregon. He donated one million dollars recently to Drazan’s campaign. Knight called himself an “anti-Tina person”, referring to Drazan’s Democrat opponent Tina Kotek.

Knight said this to the New York Times

“One of our political cartoons featured a person taking cocaine from a mountain of white. It asked, “Which one of these is illegal?’ The answer was: the plastic straw

Although the red wave is on its way, many people didn’t expect it to strike blue states like Oregon and New York. Voters are sick of being indoctrinated in crime, education, feeling unsafe, homelessness, and drug use. And nothing is being done to address those issues. These problems make it impossible for small business owners to operate normally. They will be heard on November 8.