With People Like This, Who Needs White Supremacists?


Dylann Cruz is an evil man, even though you may not have seen him before. “WHITE POWER.” Another said: “We are coming [to] Opelika Alabama Fair October 4-8 to shine” This is the Lee County Fair.

Cue the outrage over racism and white supremacy, right? Wrong. No prize for you today. As it turns out, authorities take these kinds of posts seriously and tracked down the mysterious Dylann Cruz. It turns out, Dylann Cruz is an 18-year-old black man from Lafayette, LA, named Pharrell Smith. WRBL notes that Smith is currently being held in Louisiana for attempt to commit murder/other crime, criminal mischief, discharging a gun in an occupied building or vehicle, discharging a firearm within city limits, and reckless endangerment. Once he is released in Louisiana, he will be on his way to Alabama to face a charge of a terroristic threat.

Opelika police are continuing to investigate the incident and invite anyone with any information to come forward.

Evidently, Mr. Smith has a lot of work. It’s easy to find people who offer me walk-in tubs and retirement options if I’m able to do so. But criminals don’t usually have the ability for critical thinking, so it seemed attractive at the time.

Did there seem to be a lack of institutional and systematic racism? Or microaggressions? I was just adding the icing to my cake, so Mr. Smith’s contribution was completely unnecessary. I joked about it, but then someone would ask me if I meant white icing or chocolate icing. I would be called a racist.

Real racism is rare, and even low-level criminals in Louisiana feel the need to practice it.

This act clearly demonstrates American racism. I’m certain that Mr. Smith will soon be released from prison and get a book deal.