Kari Lake Goes Savage on Reporter for Dubbing Her an Election Denier


It is not surprising that Lake answered repeated questions about whether she would accept the results of the election if they were lost. This is especially true when you consider her previous responses to this question.

Lake quickly regrets being asked about her “election denier status” by a reporter. When it comes to delaying election results, Republicans can’t be compared with Democrats. Democrats often question the results of elections after they lose.

Lake was asked her opinion on Monday’s campaign stop when she was asked her thoughts about the connection between her name and her refusal to acknowledge election results. She was really open to the reporter asking her questions.

She asked Anthony, a young campaign worker to give her 150 examples of Democrats delaying the election results. He replied that he was shocked she had asked this question. ”

Then she cited Hillary Clinton’s call to Trump to be an “illegitimate president” and a Los Angeles Times editorial entitled “Was 2016’s election legitimate?” It is worth asking the question.

“So, it’s okay for Democrats to question the election results but not for Republicans.” Lake stated, “We have freedom of speech and we won’t give it up for fake news. ”

Lake stated that Democrats have been questioning the legitimacy of elections since at most 2000.

Her verbal attack was not the best. She stated, “When I’m Governor, we will make sure that we have an honest election.” “We want transparency, fairness, honesty, and transparency in elections.”

This is actually what Democrats are afraid of. They don’t want fair, honest, or transparent elections, and they’ve been fighting Republican efforts to make our elections more secure.