Will Traffickers Targeting Children With Deadly Fentanyl Finally Make President Biden Do Something About the Border?


America has set a disturbing record of more Americans dying from drug overdoses under President Biden than at any other time in history. Many Americans, particularly young adults, believe they are taking other medications than those that kill them. The drug trade evolved as prescription drug use grew over the past two decades. They began to add fentanyl to the pills.

Xanax is a medication that can be used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. It is also popular alongside opioids such as Vicodin and Percocet. Several law enforcement agencies, including Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), warned that pills being purchased, believing they were prescription drugs, contain increasing amounts of fentanyl. According to the DEA factsheet:

  • Criminal drug networks are mass-producing fake pills and falsely marketing them as legitimate prescription pills to deceive the American public.
  • Counterfeit pills are easy to purchase, widely available, often contain fentanyl or methamphetamine, and can be deadly.
  • Fake prescription pills are easily accessible and often sold on social media and e-commerce platforms, making them available to anyone with a smartphone, including minors.
  • Many counterfeit pills are made to look like prescription opioids such as oxycodone (Oxycontin®, Percocet®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), and alprazolam (Xanax®); or stimulants like amphetamines (Adderall®).
  • The DEA labs found that four in ten counterfeit pills contain a deadly dose of fentanyl. The agency acknowledged that fake pills with the fatal substance included often come from Mexico. In any case, the fentanyl used to make them stateside comes over the southern border. The DEA reported seizing enough of the drug in 2021 to provide a lethal dose to every American.

The DEA labs discovered that 4 out of 10 counterfeit pills contained a fatal dose of fentanyl. The DEA acknowledged that counterfeit pills containing the fatal substance often originate from Mexico. The fentanyl that is used to make them in the US comes from the southern border. According to the DEA, enough drug was seized by them in 2021 to supply a fatal dose to all Americans.

Young children are now being targeted by the same counterfeit pill strategy. The latest trend was shared by Fresno County, California.

Gummy bears are a way for marijuana users to access edibles, but drug dealers can use any candy. They inject fentanyl into the fake products. Although the DEA can inform the public about the difference between counterfeit pills and the real deal, traffickers may corrupt loose candy with dangerous substances. Etsy sells candy laced with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. There are many distribution methods available for some of the most deadly Jolly Ranchers, even though they may look innocent.

For years, the base ingredients for fentanyl have been arriving in Mexico from China. Jaeson Jones (retired captain of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division), said that the cartel’s ties with China are so strong that there is intermarriage among the groups. To diversify their supply chain, and reduce dependence on China, one cartel hired chemists to develop a fentanyl formulation that had Mexican precursors. These facts are well-known and predate the Biden administration.

China’s Unrestricted Warfare strategy is perfectly compatible with the idea of tricking Americans into taking a fatal dose of a drug. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in simple terms, will support and engage in drug trafficking, terrorism, political warfare, deception, and other means of avoiding traditional military conflicts. They found a partner in international criminal organizations, which run our 220-mile border with South America and sell anything they can profit from.

A friend from Israel told me that Palestinian terrorists would target children using colorful party balloons with harmless messages such as “Happy Birthday.” Bomb-trapped balloons were used by the militants to rob them. Our children are now being given candy that looks just like what they’ve always had. This evil is allowed to cross the border by the Biden administration. Our agents are distracted by ever more migrants from the cartels, and they find the drugs just downstream. Although the Department of Homeland Security is aware of this tactic, President Biden has made it clear that it will not be able to secure the border.

It’s past time to call things by their actual names. The open border policy by President Biden allows Mexican cartels to poison our children and young people in collaboration with the CCP. This is not a racist or xenophobic way to call for action to close the border. Joe Biden is responsible for every child or young adult who thinks they are taking a prescription pill or eating candy.