Media Watcher Touts J6 Committee TV Show as Civics Lesson


Brian Stelter, CNN’s executive producer, praised the success of the January 6 Committee TV program, which concluded its “summertime” series, as he called them, with high ratings. This is not a remarkable feat considering the hearings were broadcast on all major broadcast networks.

One of the most absurd observations about these hearings was made however by a media “expert” on Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” program.

David Zurawik is a former Baltimore Sun media critic and professor who said that the made-for TV show, which featured lawmakers reading pre-written speeches on teleprompters, was a “civics lesson for young Americans”.

To quote Joe Biden, “Come on, maaaan.”

If your idea of civics comes from Kafka or Orwell, the January 6 Committee hearings are not a lesson in civics.

The J6 Committee hearings featured Trump-hating witnesses who presented cherry-picked evidence and biased testimony. The hearings were held to stop Trump’s attempts to stage a 2024 presidential comeback. Also, the hearings were timed to stop Democrats’ midterm election bleeding in November. The leaders of the committee promise to hold more hearings in fall. Coincidence? Nope.

There was no cross-examination or exculpatory information presented at the hearings. The hearings also did not include any evidence presentation and introduction. Because Nancy Pelosi selected the small, novel committee, she refused to increase the number of members to the 13 agreed upon. She also rejected the Republican counterpart’s selections because they were more effective. There was no resistance. Pelosi chose Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, two members who are nominally anti-Trumpism. This was to give the effort against Trump a thin veneer of bipartisanship.

Politifact even claimed that Pelosi violated her agreements with Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, about what was to have been an investigative commission in the style of 9/11.

The [agreed upon] resolution states that “the Speaker shall appoint thirteen Members to the Select Committee”, with 5 being appointed following consultation with the minority leader.

Here is where things got more complicated. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. was the House Minority Leader. He presented Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) with a list of five nominees for the panel. Pelosi replied that she was in agreement with all three of them: Rodney Davis, Kelly Armstrong, and Troy Nehls, both Republican Representatives from Illinois. She ruled out two McCarthy picks: Jim Banks of Indiana, who was selected for the panel’s top ranking member slot, as well as Jim Jordan, the Ohio Rep. Pelosi stated that Jordan and Banks were too closely linked to Trump to allow for a credible investigation.

McCarthy withdrew all five nominations of Banks and Jordan after Pelosi rejected them, including three Pelosi said she would accept. McCarthy stated that Nancy Pelosi had taken an unprecedented step to deny the minor party’s selections for the Select Committee, which was on January 6. “This is an egregious abuse and will irreparably harm this institution.”

Trump received a harsher treatment of the J6 show’s Taliban and Al Qaeda during the 9/11 commission. That commission did ask, “Why do you hate us?”

The J6 Committee did not want to know the reason people were in the Capitol.

Who was the one who benefited from this chaos? This information is not allowed. In fact, the Capitol breach at that time halted real-time efforts by Republican senators to audit one of the most egregious elections since 1960 Chicago.

Pelosi’s actions, such as refusing Trump’s request that National Guardsmen be placed around the Capital Building ahead of time, were never investigated. According to her puppet Rep. Bennie Thompson, that was never allowed. What number of agents provocateurs were present that day? They were sent by who? One BLM/Antifa man stood next to Ashli and filmed her murder. Many people saw black-blocked people making trouble that day. Nick Searcy, actor and producer, has filmed actual footage of agents provocateurs who looked suspiciously similar to Antifa. They were seen changing into MAGA gear and their black bloc. All of it is captured on camera. You’ve seen it on the J6 Committee TV Show?

Is that the evidence being presented by the committee? Nowhere, that’s where. It was not possible to examine the FBI’s role as a facilitator of crowd-sourcing its agents and assets. The death of Ashli Babbitt was not covered. Two more people may have died from flash bangs thrown at peaceful protestors that day. Another victim of CS gas was also suffocated and was subsequently trampled. This is why the committee has not considered it. Why was the Capitol Building allowed to contain some protesters? These mitigating factors are not something that Pelosi’s committee can look into, so we may never find out.

The committee was determined to make Trump look worse than he was at the events of that day. This is the criteria by which this committee will be measured. Mission accomplished. Rupert Murdoch’s right-leaning U.S. newspapers The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post have both written editorials in recent days stating that Trump’s inability to command and direct people from the Capitol condemned him to the political dustbin. This is yet another example of the difference in measurements between Republicans and Democrats. Joe Biden could leave Afghanistan in chaos, pay for the Russia-Ukraine conflict, bankroll his son’s influence peddling and ignore supply chain interruptions. He can also let middle-class Americans get into debt to afford gas to get to work. But that is not considered a dereliction or neglect of duty.

Trump’s actions on that day were a distraction to focus groups of Republicans, but they would still vote for him if he was back on the ballot.

This embarrassing kangaroo court is on the same shame level as the DOJ sending FBI agents investigating parents attending school board meetings.