Will Fourth Time Be the Charm for Speaker Vote?


The House Republicans have nominated a fourth candidate for speaker, and they seem quite confident in this one.

Fox News reported House Republicans were “jubilant” after GOP Conference Vice Chair Mike Johnson, (R-La.) became the latest speaker-designate Tuesday evening. The previous designate, Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) lasted mere hours after it became clear that there were too many who weren’t going to support him in a full House vote.

The report states that the attitude of jubilation is justified because “GOP legislators insisted their conference was finally on the same track and ready to unify under Johnson’s direction.” Johnson had previously been ranked second after Emmer.

On Wednesday, sometime after noon, a full House vote will be held. At the moment, Johnson appears to have a good chance.

Fox News Digital quoted Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas), saying that it was crucial to get the right person.

Steve Scalise, the majority leader (R-La. ), also backed Johnson. Johnson was also in support.

“Mike is honest and hardworking. He is a man of principle and will be a fantastic speaker. “I look forward to working with my good friends to get this nation back on track and to deliver results for American Families who deserve better from Washington,” said he in a press release.

This could be the end of the drama that has been raging over the speakership for several weeks. The House will now get back to business. The results are a big change from the last vote, in which Emmer won. After his win in the caucus, he was immediately criticized for his socially liberal voting and lack of support for Donald Trump. He dropped out when it became clear that he would not get enough votes on the floor.

Republicans did not want to face another embarrassing situation like this again. They held a vote by roll call to see if Johnson could get opposition in the House. The report states that no one voted against Johnson, and only a few people voted in favor.

However, there is a minor hiccup. This could cause a serious problem. Some are confident this will not be a problem.

Fox News Digital reported that “all the different factions” came together. “We’re confident the members who aren’t here will realize the unity we have and the importance of the mission that lies ahead.”