Why Will Liberal Media Bury The Tulsa Shooting?


Did you hear anything about the recent mass shooting in Tulsa (Oklahoma)? It is possible that you heard some information about it when it first happened. Four people were shot to death. This shooting happened right next to mass shootings in Uvalde (Texas) and Buffalo (New York), so it is easy to think that this would be another reason for gun control advocates pushing their “ban guns” agenda.

The shooting took place at a hospital. Michael Louis, 45, was a former patient who had just undergone back surgery. He was still experiencing pain. The gunman shot himself after killing four people, including his doctor. The gunman reportedly used an AR-15 he bought earlier in the day, making it a great story for gun control advocates to exploit.

This story will soon fade. Joe Biden won’t be visiting Tusla in Oklahoma. Biden didn’t release any statement about the shooting and only briefly touched on it in his speech on gun violence Thursday.

We all know that this shooting will quickly be forgotten by the media. This is just like the Brooklyn subway shooting which left ten victims injured at the hands of a black supremacist.

Mark my words, liberal media will bury the Tulsa shooting story.