The Problem with Obi-Wan Isn’t What You’ve Been Told


Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi is getting worse every day, but Reva, the painfully intersectal villain, is the least of the show’s problems.

I have tried to ignore the many ways that Lucasfilm, owned by Woke Disney, is trying to divert viewers from its big-budget miniseries. According to some estimates, Disney spent between $20 and $25 million on each of six 45-minute episodes. This doesn’t account for the lavish marketing expenses.

Yet, Star Wars fans of old can confirm that the new management doesn’t want their most loyal viewers.

Let’s get rid of the controversy and let me tell you about the show’s fatal flaw.

Jeff Reynolds, PJ Media’s executive editor, summarised it well on Wednesday:

According to reports, Reva’s actress, Moses Ingram, claimed that she was subject to vile and racist comments via Instagram about her performance. The official Star Wars social media accounts responded by posting messages condemning Ingram’s performance and stating that racism is not allowed in Star Wars.

Many fans responded to these messages by clapping back that the Reva character was badly written and poorly acted by Ingram as well as having ridiculous digital effects.

The effects are excellent. However, Ingram’s character is a bit too wooden and poorly written. She might be a talented actress, but I have not seen her in any other roles. This villainous Mary Sue is probably why no one can do anything with her.

Disney’s insistent that you point out these things is the worst part.

Okay, fine. But if the story is solid and the hero is important to me, I will try my best not to listen too much to the chatter on the internet so that I can enjoy the good parts.

About this: At half-way, Obi-Wan’s good parts are becoming less and farther apart. It is the heroes that will frustrate you most.

There are many heartwarming scenes between Kenobi, his 10-year-old daughter Princess Leia, and Princess Leia of Alderaan. They were played with Vivien Lyra Blair without too many awkward child actor moments. The rest…

Leia is known for doing the exact opposite of what was instructed. She puts herself and others in danger and does not suffer from her mistakes. Bail Organa, her father–it’s always nice to see Jimmy Smits playing the role–excuses his daughter for being reckless instead of correcting.

Kenobi tells Leia that she should play mute in order to keep their cover clean, but instead she strikes up a conversation immediately with an Imperial sympathizer. Kenobi, even when both their lives are at stake, never musters enough energy to do much more than shrug and hop with Leia right on board the creature’s transport–emblazoned with the Empire’s logo.

It’s impossible for this brat to grow up to be the strong and courageous Princess Leia (the late Carrie Fisher), that we love and remember.

The greatest flaw in the prequels was the fact that the audience never had any reason to believe Anakin Skywalker, a grumpy little girl, could become Darth Vader. The new series repeats the same mistake.

Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi by Alec Guinness was one of few things that remained from the prequel movies. This series is trying to undo McGregor’s work.

Reva and Darth Vader, Reva’s boss, find Kenobi and Leia in Episode 3. In Episode III, Kenobi and Vader had fought once before. Kenobi was victorious and Vader lost a few limbs.

For some unknown reason Kenobi has become cowardly when he is confronted with his once-defeated foe. This was supposed to be a thrilling fight. Kenobi tried to run, fought a bit when forced to, ran again, fought a little more when forced again, lost.

Kenobi is finally saved by a female rebel, who has the rare superpower of hiding behind a rock to hide his Force abilities and being completely undetectable by a squad Stormtroopers or Darth Vader.

McGregor was ten years younger than Kenobi in the original Star Wars. He showed more energy and conviction as a Kenobi, and he had more fighting spirit than McGregor.

YouTuber The Critical Drinker said that modern movies are a sham because they keep remaking old characters.

It doesn’t work.

Alec Guinness and Carrie Fisher are the ones who look better with every Obi-Wan Kenobi photo.