Why Is Liz Cheney so Unlikable?


It’s not surprising that Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. Donald Trump is a disliked president. Trump has done more to discredit the Iraq/Afghan War strategy her father fought for than any other man. Trump not only opposed Cheney’s war approach, but also ridiculed it in a blatant way. Liz Cheney, the oldest daughter of former Vice President, has taken up her own crusade.

In the real world, such an individual would be considered delusional. Four years ago, demented Democrats indulged in their own fever dream. They claimed that Queens’ real estate developer was a Russian agent, infiltrating all levels of the U.S. government. Talk about a vast Communist conspiracy! It’s stupid, of course. Democrats are known for saying stupid things. It is what people have come to expect. It is not a part of the national consciousness.

Cheney is also at odds with the Republican Party’s “Putin wings”. Notice how everyone who opposes Cheney is considered a traitor? If you’re looking for traitors Liz, then look in the mirror. Do you claim to represent the true Republican Party? Your fellow Republicans voted to censure your participation in Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), hand-picked Kangaroo Court. The committee was not allowed to be populated by Republican leaders, as is the tradition with the “democratically elected House of Representatives”.

Liz might have convinced herself that she stands up for democracy. This is one of her favorite phrases lately. Let’s test her. Are you sure she truly believes in democracy? Or do you believe that she must disregard “democracy to save democracy,” or ignore the traditions of this House to save democracy?

His party voted to remove Phil Gramm, Democrat Representative from Texas, from the House budget committee in January 1982. He was too conservative to their taste; Too supportive for President Reagan. Gramm was fed up with the Democrats and decided he would become a Republican. He switched parties to join the opposition team. He resigned from his congressional seat. He ran for the seat as a Republican. He won the election and became the first Republican to be elected in this district.

Democracy, Liz? Democracy Liz?