Down the Rabbit Hole, We Go With J6 Committee and Delusional Democrats


This is the most dramatic political drama since Watergate. The committee that was formed to investigate the riot that led to the breach in security at the U.S. Capitol building by a semi-organized mob has created a prime-time extravaganza, carefully crafted by a famous scriptwriter. The star cast of the Democratic Party has one goal: discrediting the Republican Party.

The truth is that the clown-car plot by Proud Boys/Oath keepers to “plot against Joe Biden” to keep him from being the president was a failure.

These bozos may have had many guns, but why didn’t they use them? The notion that these bozos could have held up a candy store much less overthrown the government of the United States is ludicrous on its face.

This will not work for prime-time television. There has to be drama to engage the audience, pathos, suspense, good/bad guys, and an evil genius who controls everything.

There’s a reason that these prime-time hearings will not reach the same TV audience as the Watergate hearings. The hearings are viewed as partisanship by half of the country. The other half didn’t want to switch channels from their favorite cooking/sports/fashion/comedy shows.

There just aren’t that many “persuadable” in their target audience. And that’s a problem Democrats aren’t dealing with.

New York Post: Democrats described this hearing as an opportunity for voters to recall the chaos following Trump’s announcement to the crowd that the election had been “stolen”. Then, he directed them to march to Capitol and ask Vice President Mike Pence to stop Biden from being elected to the Senate.

Voters will see how irresponsibly coopted Republicans tried to tally voters’ votes and how far Republicans would go to win power, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), told the New York Times during a recent interview.

Donald Trump is being accused of inciting/controlling/plotting to overthrow the election. The committee will not prove anything. They have a great video and compelling testimony from witnesses, which should keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Academy Award for scripting this hearing should be won by the Hollywood screenwriter

NPR: It is difficult to keep an audience’s attention during a congressional hearing. We won’t be able to tell how many people watched the video but it was captivating.

It was cut between Trump’s Jan. 6 speech to show how the crowd was encouraged to riot.

Video also showed Trump tweeting. It featured militant members. They literally read Trump’s tweets using a bullhorn that almost sounded similar to marching orders. Trump lost his temper and then lied to his supporters five days later.

Goebbels could not have done a better task. Is Trump actually “egging” the crowd in front of the Capitol, or was this illusion created by clever editing or scripting?

Most Americans had made up their minds about Trump by January 6. This won’t be changed by clever video or scripted congressional hearings that are complete bullshit. We can only pray that Trump gets back into the office and that the Jan 6th crap goes away so that we can be saved from Biden because he is clearly not capable to lead our country.