White House Awards a Man the Women of Courage Award


March 8th marks International Women’s Day. This is a time when the entire world honors the strength and resilience of women around the world and throughout history.

That means that everything is insane. This was the story at the White House Wednesday when awards were presented to celebrate the day. Jill Biden, Antony Blinken, and the award for Women of Courage were presented to the recipients. However, it was not what you would have expected.

Evidently, being a woman is not a requirement to win the “Women of Courage Award”. It’s not the whole point of the honor, since the day’s nature is matriarchal.

Who was the winner? Alba Rueda is his name and he’s a transgender activist who has apparently played a part in pushing radical transgender ideologies in Argentina. This means that the entire faith and credit of America must approve. It is also possible that Rueda was paid by the US taxpayers for her trip to Argentina in order to receive the award.

According to the State Department, the “Women of Courage Award”, which is awarded to “extraordinary women around the globe who are working to create a brighter future” is given to women. There are 3.9 billion women worldwide. We are to believe that a man is better than all of them. It is absurd.

It is also purposeful and cynical. This is because you’ve been tempted to say that womanhood is not an “identity” that can be given to anyone who claims it. It’s an inherent reality that is dictated by biology and nature. Strong women are strong. They are beautiful. They care. They are not men and they cannot be made into men at will.

Simply saying it puts me at risk of being canceled. This is an indicator of how insane society is. To affirm and prop up the gender dysmorphias of a few, we are now marginalizing real females. It is a theft of valor and women should not continue to tolerate it. This is the same as blackface. If nothing changes, it will be impossible to preserve the uniqueness and inherent ness of womanhood forever.