Activist on the Far-Left Defends Domestic Terrorism in Atlanta


For several months, domestic terrorist groups have tried to stop the construction of a public safety facility that Atlanta is building in an area outside of the city.

In recent weeks, these actions have escalated and culminated in a shootout in January with police that saw an Antifa activist killed and a Georgia trooper hurt. A few days later, violence broke out in the city with protestors setting fires on a police vehicle and vandalizing businesses.

Thugs promised a week of action for the first week of March, and they delivered.

The authorities quickly reacted and arrested 23 criminals. They were charged with domestic terroristic acts. On Tuesday, at least one of the 23 suspects made his first appearance in court. While Americans may not be guilty until proven guilty, some of these individuals may have been in the wrong place at the wrong times. However, it is clear that someone was involved in domestic terrorist acts at the training facility.

A local activist stated to a local media outlet that such an action was justified. Because of police brutality or some other reason.

Kamau Franklin stated to Fox 5 that there are “protesters engaging in civil disobedience or direct action”

Franklin is not an impartial observer, it’s important to note. He is instead the leader of “Community Movement Builders,” one of the groups that oppose what they call ‘Cop City,” Fox 5 reports.

Franklin was asked by the reporter if he felt that groups such as his had a responsibility for calling out extreme actions taken by activists. Franklin responded with a mixed response.

He stated that he believed the movement should discuss tactics and strategies to move the movement forward.

Franklin uses the childhood argument that “they started it” and notices how he states in the first quote that it “may appear extreme from the outside.”

Look extreme? Do you take this seriously? This was all in 2023.

“The protesters against what the left calls Cop City have vandalized the offices and confronted contractor workers at their homes and disrupted worship services of contractors,” we reported back in January. Antifa punks also set fire to a youth center near the planned facility.

However, such actions “may… appear extreme.”

Leftists such as Franklin fail to see or deliberately ignore the fact that this public safety center will reduce some of the problems with police brutality that agitators worry about. Andre Dickens of Atlanta, a Democrat, stated in January to reporters that the center would offer spaces for de-escalation techniques, mental health training, crisis intervention training, and civil rights education.

Let’s face facts: Any training that improves the work of public safety officers and law enforcement is going to be a benefit for the entire community. Local law enforcement prioritizes hiring community members who want to make the city a better place.

Dickens also neutralized the surface-level arguments made by violent extremists by pointing to the fact that the project encompasses hundreds of acres and green space, and that the city is getting rid of invasive species.

Franklin is not interested in all of this. They only care about advancing a far-left agenda and facts won’t stop them. These people don’t care what you have to say.