Where is Pete Buttigieg? Not in Ohio, Say Residents of East Palestine


Pete Buttigieg serves as Transportation Secretary. He is the first openly gay person to be the secretary to a cabinet-level organization.

Otherwise, it’s screw-up after clusterfark after “not my department. The worst-kept secret in Washington is that the supply chain problems were worse than they should have been and lasted longer because the former mayor who ran a mid-sized American city was still trying to grow into a job he never should have been given in the first place.

The Christmas clusterfark involving Southwest Airlines was at least partly his fault given that it involved air traffic control snafus as well as scheduling problems from the airline. But you have to wonder about a man who blames a former president three years removed from office for the current disaster.


Buttigieg emphasized safety improvements made by his agency ten days after Tuesday’s derailment. Buttigieg did not explain Trump’s 2018 decision not to reinstate a rule regarding braking systems on trains carrying hazardous chemicals.

Buttigieg tweeted “In the aftermath of the East Palestine train derailment, and its impact upon hundreds.” I wanted to know more about our work.

Hmmm! The video was taken from an East Palestine town hall.

Fox News:

Buttigieg tweeted Tuesday that the law “constrained the department” in certain areas rail regulation (like the Trump administration brake rule in 2018 due to a 2015 law). Buttigieg stated they use all the power possible to ensure safety.

Rep. Ilhan Ommar (D.Minn.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R.Texas), responded to tweets. Buttigieg stated that he was happy to see “newfound bipartisan collaboration” in this matter.

Bugs Bunny immortalized this phrase with the words “What a maroon!”

Buttigieg isn’t stupid after the train crash.

Washington Examiner:

Buttigieg is known for spending taxpayers’ money on fatuities like “racist roads” or gender-inclusive pronouns, while transportation infrastructure collapses.

Instead, he focuses on rail and transport. An example of this is the recent collapse in air travel over Christmas. The Federal Aviation Administration’s subsequent computer malfunction — also known as U.S. shipping crises.

Buttigieg might have been able prevent the accident from happening and ease residents’ fears, but that would have been a stretch. Buttigieg is completely failing to perform his duties.