Russian Defense Official Accidentally Falls Off of a 16th Floor Balcony


Tragedy in St. Petersburg, Russia where a Russian defense official who was responsible for the Western Military District — the same district where a series of brutal military setbacks have occurred — fell to her death from the balcony of her 16th-floor apartment.

Yankina could have actually committed suicide. Russia’s war is going badly. More corruption on a galaxy-wide scale is being exposed, especially in the area of military spending. She may have felt the walls closing in on her or it is possible that someone wanted to close her up so she wouldn’t be pushed out of a window.

No matter the reason, she wasn’t the first to make a mistake on top of a tall building.


Her body was found by police under the windows of a high-rise building in St. Petersburg’s Zamshina Street, Kalinsky District.

Fontanka reports that based on preliminary information she lived in the same building that she fell from, and that law enforcement agencies aren’t ruling out that she may have taken her own life.

The Western Military District’s press service confirmed that the woman was employed by the department.

Russian Telegram channel Mashand and other Russian media outlets reported documents and other items belonging to Yankina were found on the 16th floor.

Russian Major General Vladimir Makarov was fired by Putin just weeks before he took his own life. Anatoly Gerashchenko was the former head of the Moscow Aviation Institute and he died last year after falling “several flights” of stairs.

Sausage tycoon Pavel Antov was found dead at a hotel in India on Christmas Day. He died after falling from a window at a hotel in the city of Rayagad. Russian media said Antov, 65, died only two days after one of the people he was traveling with, Vladimir Budanov, died after suffering an apparent stroke.

In Russia, there was a joke about how dangerous it was to drive in Moscow in the 1950s and 1960s due to all the fatal car accidents that involved enemies of the person in charge. The funny thing about the joke was that there was no traffic in Moscow or in any other Russian city.

There are many jokes about the dangers of hotel balconies in Russia.